Review ~ Crazy In Love – Annabelle Costa

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They call her Crazy Anna.

Anna Flint won’t shake your hand. She collects tin cans. She cleans her cubicle at work with Lysol several times a day. But Anna doesn’t care that they call her crazy. She’s absolutely satisfied with her life of perfect organization, cleanliness, and most of all, solitude.

Matt Harper likes Anna Flint. He likes that she’s the smartest person he knows and he likes her big blue eyes. He doesn’t even mind her can collection. In fact, he pretty much likes everything about Anna. As his body and his world are falling apart, she still manages to make him happy.

Matt is the only person Anna has ever wanted to be close to. But how can she go on a date with him if the thought of dinner at a restaurant fills her with terror? How can she ever kiss the man she loves if she can’t even touch him?

Maybe it’s time to stop being Crazy Anna. If only she could.

Crazy in Love is the story of Anna Flint and Matt Harper, two programmers who spend years sharing a cubicle wall and trying very hard not to crush on each other. Anna is a mess but she is also completely wonderful. She collects can, as in food cans, and she can’t stand for anyone to touch her. They call her ‘Crazy Anna’ and it only bothers her marginally. She likes being alone, at least until Matt. He is kind and nice and doesn’t seem to matter that she’s Crazy Anna. Annabelle Costa has done something pretty wonderful with this story, she takes us on a six year journey of crushes, friendship and ultimately, love.

I cannot say enough good things about Crazy in Love and especially Anna. She is strong, smart and for the most part she is completely happy with her life how it is. Isolated and lonely. When Matt needs her she comes through for him, not right away though because Annabelle Costa is a masterful storyteller. We watch her gradually getting better in fits and starts, doing things even her own family couldn’t convince her do to. For him. And Matt is totally swoon-worthy, he has a giant crush on her even before his world is flipped upside down and his affection only grows.

What I loved most about Crazy in Love is that there were times I felt exasperated with Anna and disgusted with Matt because they were being exactly who they are. They weren’t perfect people with a perfect love, but they were the perfect couple for this story. Typically I avoid stories written in the first person but I’m glad I kept going because this book was totally worth it!