Review ~ Once Upon A Royal Christmas – Robin Bielman





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onceuponaroyalchristmasRowan Palotay hopes she never runs into the too-handsome Prince Theodore Chenery ever again after she leaves an embarrassing first impression. But fixing her mistake garners even more attention from the prince, and when he requests she be his reporter for a news story, she can’t say no.

Prince Theo is completely enchanted with Rowan and finds her special brand of kindness and honesty impossible to ignore. Back home, his choices are made for him, but here in this small town where his mother grew up, he feels connections he never has before. And the more time he and Rowan spend together, the more he wants her—all of her.

When obligations back home take a turn he didn’t see coming, he’s ready to stake his claim. But when his father and the media get wind of his relationship with Rowan, Theo must decide whether to follow his heart or his royal duty.


Reviewed originally for Readers Favorite

Rowan Palotay desperately needs to get her journalism career back on the right track. One little mistake ruined her credibility, but now she is working at a small local paper in Marietta in order to correct the wrongs of the past and make it back on top of her field. Enter Prince Theodore Chenery, in town to meet his grandparents when he stumbled upon Rowan and her dogs. Theirs was a really adorable meet-cute except Rowan found it immeasurably embarrassing and she hopes to rectify it. Robin Bielman’s story, Once Upon A Royal Romance was the perfect holiday romance. It was cute and fun, romantic and just a really great time for a few hours.

Prince Theo was just everything. He was handsome and funny and more than a little flirtatious despite his staid, sometimes rigid demeanor. What I love most about what Robin Bielman did with this story was the conflict. There wasn’t much in terms of the attraction between Theo and Rowan but their lives headed in totally different directions—he has a throne to ascend to and a country to run while she is a simple hometown girl trying to get her career back on track—which would make their romance pretty much impossible. While in so many ways this was a typical romance, there were a few hidden layers that took it deeper and made this Christmas gem a really fun read.

Once Upon A Royal Christmas is the perfect read to keep a smile on your face and a stirring in your heart.