Review ~ Back To Us – Rachel Hanna





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back-to-us-rachel-hannaIndy Stone is a well regarded professional therapist with her life all planned out. She’s spent her life trying to escape her dysfunctional upbringing in Peach Valley. But when fate intervenes and causes her to return to her hometown with a huge responsibility on her shoulders, she never expects it to change her entire life.

Through all of the hard times, there was always one bright spot in Peach Valley, but he disappeared years ago. Or did he?





I have kind of a love-hate relationship with Rachel Hanna books and that’s also true about “clean & wholesome” stories but Back To Us proved to be the exception. There wasn’t one time throughout the story that I thought, “dang I wish they would get it on!” I mean visions of his six pack are still swimming in my head as I write this but that was plenty of hot flesh for this awesome story.

Indy and Dawson have—individually—been through hell and back. Negligent mothers, divorced parents, PTSD, divorce and infidelity are just a few things these two have had to deal with, but they’re both stronger for it. I love to see characters genuinely worry about a legitimate problem. Indy wasn’t sure if she could be what Harper needed and, given the situation, I think Rachel Hanna and Indy gave it the depth of thought it required. The same is true of her relationship and friendship with Dawson (great name, btw!).

But I have to say that Dawson stole the show in Back To Us. He was strong and reliable, sweet and caring, and oh yeah…hot as hell! But seriously my heart aches for his childhood and to see that he turned into such a good man, well I know that Indy is getting one of the really good ones.

There were some pretty solid secondary characters as well, notably Kent. I get the whole “shiny and cheesy” thing but he proved to be a good man as well as a good friend. And I think someone as shiny as him needs someone unafraid to get down in the dirty…like Tabitha perhaps??

Friends to lovers is one of my favorite plots and this one was done superbly.