Review ~ Burn So Bright – Jennifer Bernard





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About this book:

burn-so-brightWildfire “hotshot” Josh Marshall is all about fun, firefighting and flirting. But ever since his crew got trapped in a burnover, he’s been plagued with recurring nightmares. It’s not just the fire haunting him – it’s an ongoing family drama that’s kept him determined to stay strictly unattached. Now that’s all changing—but is it thanks to that near-death experience or his attraction to the sexy, fascinating, engaged Suzanne Finnegan?

Suzanne, honeymoon-planner extraordinaire, knows exactly what she wants: marriage and a stable home like the one her family lost in the financial crash. Her fiancé Logan fits the bill perfectly, unlike the distracting, live-for-the-moment Josh Marshall. Sure, her chemistry with Josh is insane and Logan is way more focused on his work than their relationship. But she has a plan, and she’s sticking to it.

Except fate has a way of making plans go up in smoke.

When Suzanne’s fiancé goes MIA at the worst possible time, Josh saves the day. Then the heartbreakingly handsome firefighter gets badly hurt saving one of his crewmates in a wildfire, and Suzanne finds herself coming to his rescue. Jupiter Point’s real-life hero is fast becoming a partner she can truly count on—even if she knows it can never last.

Still, if they’re all wrong for each other, why does it feel so right? Because there’s simply no ignoring sparks that Burn So Bright.


Disclaimer: I did not buy this book, I borrowed it from a friend and loved it so I’m reviewing it. Deal with it. 😛

I have to admit that as much as I wanted to read this story I was ready for it to be…typical. Average. Predictable.

But Jennifer Bernard left me nothing but satisfied by the love story of Suzanne and Josh. He’s a jokester of the highest order but it becomes clear pretty early on that it’s a defense mechanism, which means it took this reader more than a little bit of time to warm up to Suzanne. At times she felt super judgmental of his life choices simply because they weren’t exactly like hers.

I get it, she has her own past and baggage to deal with but…so does he.

Anyway back to Hotshot Josh. I really, really liked Josh. Not only was he a good time with a great smile, but just because he didn’t take every moment of every single day so seriously didn’t mean that he was a guy you couldn’t count on. Turns on he was more reliable than Suzanne’s groom-to-be Logan.

Logan was…a dick. Of course that was his designated role in Burn So Bright which is totally fine but really I wanted to punch him in the throat and shake Suzanne and ask her “what in the hell were you thinking chica?” because the guy seriously left a lot to be desired. Which again, made it hard to warm up to her.

At first.

The more we learn about Suzanne’s past—her parents are real pieces of work—we get why she’s all about planning and organizing and being serious about reaching her goals. Sure it’s left her short-sided but it’s also given her a pretty big heart.

Josh and Suzanne start off as lightweight enemies but one kisses changes how they see each other and Josh proves that despite his joking demeanor, he is the man she can count on when the crap his the proverbial fan.

I loved the way the author wove in little bits and pieces of Suzanne and Josh’s childhood and the way she sprinkled Logan throughout the story. He wasn’t just some forgotten plot device; his relationship was Suzanne was always there hovering the background of the story.

What I’m trying to say is that I really loved Burn So Bright and I hope like hell that Rollo’s story is next…or Finn.