Review ~ Falling In Fiji – Casey Hagen





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falling-in-fijiA woman betrayed…
Corinne Anderson designs the most stunning engagement rings on the west coast. A jewelry designer for the jet set and engaged to marry the man of her dreams, Corinne thinks she has it all—until her engagement explodes in spectacular fashion. Devastated, Corinne dares a sexy stranger to help turn her honeymoon from broken to breathtaking.

A frazzled financier…
Everett Harden, a sought-after financial whiz kid, is overworked and stressed to the max. Minutes away from closing a lucrative deal, he’s approached by a tiny spitfire who slaps down two airline tickets and a challenge: join her on a beach getaway where the sand is hot and the adventures hotter. Intrigued and desperate for an escape, Everett accepts.

Adventures unknown…
Fiji began as a fancy-free trip, but with the high-tech Adventure App running the show, Corinne and Everett find more than paradise. But can their romance survive the pressures of the real world, where reality bites, adventure is hard to come by, and—there is no App for love…


When I read the blurb for this book last month I figured it was a light beach read type of romance, and since it was free on Amazon I thought “what the hell?”

Then I started reading it and I was hooked on Falling In Fiji from the first chapter. Corrine and her best friend Alexa are hanging out at the bar, well mostly drowning Corrine’s sorrows after she caught her no good former fiancé engaged in a gangbang with some of the other ol’ boys at the office. Needless to say the wedding was off and she was at loose ends.

Until she spots the serious but oh so sexy Everett Harden. Alexa dares her to chat him up, to get him on the dance floor knowing her bestie doesn’t have the stones to do it. Corrine takes that bet and raises it…by inviting the sexy stranger to spend a week with her in Fiji.

From there this book was a tropical paradise, fun flirting, awesome adventures and yes, some steamy sex scenes that will have your Kindle steaming like a mother! Watching these two fall was an incredible journey that was also such a good time I could hardly put it down.

Everett was the best book boyfriend. Hot and smart, sweet, sexy and protective. He was exactly the kind of guy Corrine needed both in Fiji and when they returned to the real world. He had his own hang ups, most of which centered around women wanting to change him. But instead of asking him to trade in his glasses for contacts, Corrine thinks he’s absolutely delicious with them. Swoon!

The storyline with Corrine’s mother gave me pause because I usually find it hard to connect with a character that cares about other people’s opinions as much as Corrine and her mother did. But Corrine really grew between the first chapter and the last and I could see the transformation in her, which gave me hope. I loved that Casey Hagen didn’t take the easy route when it came to the complicated mother-daughter relationship. It was resolved but not in a way that forced Corrine to just accept the awful treatment she’d received her entire life.

Before Falling In Fiji I hadn’t read anything by Casey Hagen but the writing was fun and entertaining, good dialogue and great relationships. Definitely another author I’ll be reading again soon.