Review ~ Good Wood (Carolina Stallions book 2) – Eden Connor

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About this book:

Bodie calls his neighbor at the Neon Flamingo Family Campground ‘crazy baby’ for a reason. She’s pure electricity in his arms, but there’s no time for love. He’s got one last chance to shake the sand of Myrtle Beach off his cleats and head for the majors. If he ever hits again, that is.

Rita can’t get enough of the Carolina country boy living next door, but he’s too late to change her mind. She’s got a date with a handful of pain pills and a rip tide. As soon as she does her last good deed and buries a truckload of flamingoes, she’s making sure no one ever hurts her again.

It’s good wood and then goodbye, but will one last wave bring the pair together again?


Holy f**ksticks! Yeah that’s what I have to say about Good Wood.

I have to say that I must have been living under a rock (or you know, in Germany) because this is my first Eden Connor novel and damn it knocked me right on my arse! Bodie and Rita are amazing. Damaged. Brash. Spontaneous. Hot as hell.

The blurb captured my attention and it was #free so, yeah I was all over it. Then there was a moment of disappointment when I read the first page and realized it was written in the first person.

But I pushed forward because I always give every author at least 2 chapters (author to author courtesy because writing a book isn’t easy) and I am so glad I did.

Rita’s mom has recently died and she’s all kinds of torn up about it, but combine that with all the douchebags in her life and she’s ready for a “handful of pain pills and a rip tide” so already I knew I should have a few tissues handy.

What I didn’t expect was…damn. Eden, as my grandma would say, put her foot in this book. It was so filled with emotions and I LOVED Rita. She is a smart mouth woman who can’t stand when the ‘little guy’ gets screwed over. Mostly because for most of her life she was the little guy.

When Bodie sets up camp at the Neon Flamingo (great name, right?) he turns her plans upside down. Turns out, in the best possible way. Everything about this couple—totally odd couple by the way which I loved—was amazing. Bodie is a rarity, a genuine nice guy, and Rita has no clue what to do with it because in her world guys like him are only nice because they want to get something from her. Whether it’s her father, her superstar exes or her crackhead brother…the men in her life suck balls.

But not Bodie.

Bodie is swoon-a-licious. Seriously. Ripped body. Sensitive. Great in the sack. Kind. Caring. Did I mention hot? Rita can give him everything he needs to get where he wants to go in life…but will she resent him for it? I can’t say, you’ll have to trust me and get this book for yourself.

Good Wood isn’t your typical romance. It is deep and dark, hot as hell, emotionally draining and amazing. I’m not gonna lie, I shed more than a few tears reading this story but I also laughed my ass off a few times (especially that grocery store scene!!) and felt compelled to violence on Rita’s behalf.

Bottom line: this is a five cocktail read!

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