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not-quite-perfectSerial temp worker April Johnson is nothing like her wildly successful brothers. She doesn’t have an Olympic gold medal. She doesn’t have millions in the bank from a tech company she founded as a teenager. She doesn’t even have a place to live, not since her boyfriend sneaked off in the middle of the night—skipping out on the rent, his three-legged dog, and her. Now forced to move back home with her mother and grovel for a job from one of her brothers, April decides it’s past time she got serious about her life.

Zack Fain, on the other hand, has been too serious for years. After losing his wife to cancer at the age of twenty-six, he’s done nothing but work on his consulting business. But when he meets April at a new job, he forgets he’s a humorless suit who never gets emotionally involved. She makes him laugh, she turns him on, and he begins to wonder if it’s time he broke a few rules.

Although April refuses to get stuck in yet another dead-end relationship, Zack isn’t like any of the guys she’s dated before. This could be the real deal. This could be serious.

But is either one of them ready for the kind of serious that lasts a lifetime?


Overall I am a fan of Gretchen Galway. I’ve read the first and second book in the Oakland Hills series so I was pretty stoked to read April’s story, especially when it popped up as a #free read on Amazon. She played almost no role in Liam’s story (that I can recall) and she made a brief appearance in This Time Next Door, but just knowing that she grew up as the youngest in a family of über overachievers intrigued me.

April is not at all an overachiever and for most of her life she’s been proud of that fact. But after yet another loser boyfriend disappoints her she realizes that it’s time to get her act together and stop letting her life get derailed by a man. So she makes steps in that direction when she meets Zack. Oh so serious and always with a notebook Zack. He is April’s opposite in every way, except they both use their extreme behavior to hide.

I loved April because she was flawed but she mostly owned it, aside from a few moments of insecurity. Not every family member will become an Olympian or a tech millionaire, but she knew what she loved and she—finally—went after it. She worked hard so she would succeed or fail on her own merits. It made her endearing and easy to root for/

Now Zack was adorable but at times he was hard to like. Of course a lot of the drama between the main characters was based on them misreading situations, but the way he pulled back so abruptly a few times kind of rubbed me the wrong way. He more than made up for it later, but a girl can only deal with so much wishy-washiness!

I was happy to see glimpses of Rose, Bev, Liam and Mark and of course Trixie! She was as fun in Not Quite Perfect as she was in This Time Next Door.

Now that I’m back in a Gretchen Galway kind of swing, I’m eyeballing This Changes Everything!


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