Review~ Once Burned (Firehouse Fourteen) Lisa B. Kamps




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once-burnedI caught this as a #freebie read on Amazon and, as usual, it was a solid find.

Once Burned is the story of Mike (Michaela), a firefighter and Nick, a teacher. A long, long time ago when they were much different people Mike and Nick were in love with a capital ‘L’. Then some sh*t went down. Nick left and Mike was left with a broken body and a broken heart.

Fast forward a bunch of years and Mike is now a badass firefighter with a kind of, sort of, maybe, teensy little drinking problem. Oh, and she’s totally closed off emotionally because of all that drama that went down years ago. Then she runs into—guess who?—and things go from bad to worse when she spots a familiar guitar.

Sounds like a whole lot of drama, right? Yeah well it kind of is but in a very good way.

I don’t know, I like my heroines kind of tough and able to kick a little ass. The girl has been through hell and back and if she needs a few vices to make life bearable between saving lives and killing fires, then who are we to butt in and tell her to stop? Well if you’re her super awesome BFF Jay, then you can call her out on her crap and tell her to snap out of it. Did I mention that I LOVE Jay?

I have to admit that I LOVED who Nick became. A school teacher who started a special project to prevent his students from making the same mistakes he did. A man who can admit he was wrong and use his mistakes to teach others? Where do I sign up? Now getting Mike and Nick to a healthy place is what Once Burned is all about and Lisa B. Kamps does a fantastic job of this. Sure sometimes Mike is annoying and sometimes Nick is a tad…simpering, but it’s all about the process people!

This ain’t your average love story. The girl is damaged and she needs to heal, but the only one who really can help her is the one who damaged her in the first place. And that’s only if she’ll let him.


I really enjoyed this story. It was emotional and sexy (really, really sexy) and beautiful. Throw in a station full of ridiculous, hot, and protective firefighters and you’ve got a great start to the Firehouse Fourteen series!