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sprinkles-on-topFor Holly Marshall, there’s no such thing as a perfect match. That’s reflected in the unpredictable, fun clothing combos the aspiring artist wears around her hometown of Sugar Springs—and in her inability to fit in anywhere else. But when she sets out to prove to her family that she’s ready to grow up by settling down, could she have found her perfect mismatch in a play-by-the-book guy wearing a business suit?

High-powered attorney Zack Winston is a man who always gets what he wants. While Holly wouldn’t mind sampling what Zack so deliciously has to offer, she needs someone who plans to stick around—and Zack’s disdain of small towns suggests he won’t. But as the camaraderie of Sugar Springs begins to charm, and Zack’s brothers show what family is all about, he and Holly may just get the chance to have it all…if they’re brave enough to reach out and take it.


I read the other two novels in the Sugar Springs series ages ago and I quite enjoyed them even if I couldn’t recall every single thing that happened. So when this one recently came up as a #freebie read, I admit to squealing like a teenage girl in front of her teen idol.

And then I dug in.

Fully prepared to loathe Zack for the wrongs he’d committed in book 2, Sweet Nothings.

Then I found myself falling for him. Of course he made it hard with his snobbish ways and the perma-scowl on his face at the sight of Holly’s outrageous shoes but then I realized he wasn’t making fun of her. He was giving her the one thing she’d always wanted and neither of them realized it. He noticed her. He more than noticed her if we’re being honest and I thought Kim Law did a great job of showing his uptight ways when he struggled with his attraction to her given her unknown age at the time.

Ha! Can you imagine seeing someone  you want to get all up on but then without makeup they don’t look quite legal? And you’re an attorney!

And Holly. Well as a fellow weirdo I admire her dedication to her crazy shoes and even her reasons for wearing them. I felt her disappointment or rather, disillusionment so keenly that at times I just wanted to wrap my arms around her and pat her hair (there, there Holly bear) and tell her it would all be alright. But she didn’t need me too because despite being that “Little Marshall girl” she had more grit, more determination and more strength than she knew. All ingredients for a pretty awesome heroine.

Watching Holly and Zack fall was the best part of Sprinkles on Top, as it should be. Sure I was happy about the whole brothers angle and all that but Zack on the back of a four wheeler for the first time…amazing. Stopping to appreciate nature. Finding Holly’s quirks endearing. Those were the moments that really stuck out to me. That actually made this book stand out for me.

And the fact that he noticed her shoes and encouraged her when everyone else simply wanted to keep her as the fill-in, well that just made me want to keep him for myself.

This is a standalone novel but of course reading them all will contribute to the enjoyment of the series as a whole.


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