Review ~ Sunset Thunder – Shannyn Leah




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sunset-thunderViolet Caliendo escorts couples into the illusion of “happily ever after” as wedding coordinator at Willow Valley’s five-star Caliendo Resort. But Violet doesn’t believe in love or “happily ever after” anymore. She’s guarded herself from love so deeply since her divorce that some even call her the “Ice Queen.” When she has to plan her ex-husband’s wedding, even her Ice Queen persona takes a hit.

With her emotions in high gear, she takes out her frustrations by having sex with her ex’s best man, Ryder Carlex. Ryder is a playboy type and Violet figures it’s a simple one-time fling. But Ryder actually is attracted to Violet in a way he’s never known before. Neither of them ever imagines that the sparks between them will ignite a fire hotter than anything they’ve ever encountered – slowly breaking down both their walls.

Will Violet be able to let go of her past and embrace a possible future with Ryder? Will Ryder let Violet into his own deep, dark secrets? Or will their trust issues forever doom them both from achieving their own “happily ever after”?


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When I saw the blurb for Sunset Thunder, I couldn’t resist. A woman planning the wedding of her ex-husband, who had so battered her heart she was known as the Ice Queen…yes please!

Even the coldest of hearts would find it hard to stomach planning the happily ever after for your ex, so Violet does what any red-blooded woman would do. She beds the nearest, hottest playboy she could find…he also happens to be the best friend of said ex-jerk bag. But lo and behold this isn’t just a wham bam thank you Ryder type of tale. No! This story is much more than that.

What I loved about both Violet and Ryder is that they are both in their respective family businesses, which comes with its own set of drama and problems. But during this story we’re focused on the shared drama with the groom, maggot, d-bag called Joel. He is the WORST. Literally, the worst. Not only was he never worthy of Violet but he really isn’t worthy of breathing human air, but I’ll let you decide that on your own.

See, Joel constantly talked smack about his wife to his best friend and to his wife about his best friend. So you can see that much of the animosity between them is Joel’s fault, but he had his own selfish reasons for doing that. Hint: he suffered from a loose zipper.

But let’s not waste more time on Maggot, er Joel. Ryder and Violet are HOT together. I mean, really supremely hot and what she thinks was a hot one time thing, he thinks might be more than he’s ever felt for a woman. Following them on their journey was a beautiful thing and I’m glad Shannyn Leah asked me to review this book for her.

This is a standalone book within a series but I don’t think you absolutely have to read the others to know what’s going on.