Review ~ Tell Me Not To Go – Victoria De La O




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About this book:

tell-me-not-to-go-by-victoria-de-la-oJeff Price is in a long-term relationship rut–nothing a move from Utah to Silicon Valley can’t solve. But when he meets Samantha, his sister’s best friend, his newfound freedom is threatened by their attraction. Headed for med school, and still gun shy from her last relationship, Sam’s not in the market for love, either. The answer is simple: a ninety-day, no-strings-attached affair. What can possibly go wrong for two people determined not to fall in love?





Disclaimer: I was given a free copy of this book for an objective review from NetGalley

I was pretty wary of Tell Me Not To Go at first because, even though I requested it, I had no idea it was young adult which isn’t normally a favorite of mine. But Victoria De La O made it work because they were—for the most part—pretty mature. Well aside from their whole snarky bickering thing at the beginning.

This was a good story filled with emotion but not excess drama, which I did appreciate. Samantha had already been through the wringer once with her cheating ex and alleged friend/roommate so the absolute last thing she wanted was to fall in love. Especially with a guy like Jeff who’d just moved to the city to start the next chapter of his life. But she liked him.

A lot.

She wanted him.

A lot.

So they made a plan. Ninety days of hot sex and nothing more. Easy peasy right?

Not so much.

But the not so much is where the fun really began. Obviously since this is a romance they were doomed from the start but watching them fall was truly a pleasure. Jeff and Samantha suited each other very well, bringing out the best in each other so they could shine as bright as possible. I really liked how well they meshed even with the ridiculous deadline.

Probably my favorite part of the story was the last quarter. The rest of the book was good—really good—but the emotions during that last part were so real, so visceral and heartbreaking that it brought the story to another level. I felt their pain and agony as if it were my own so kudos for Victoria De La O on that.

And I absolutely LOVED that Samantha didn’t have to give up her life or her dreams to get her happy ending.