A Little Bit In Love – TEASER!

So my teaser for A Little Bit In Love is finally ready for public consumption. This is the story of Alex and Baxter, who want different things in relationships. What was supposed to be a vacation affair ends up as so much more…


She Was Done With Men…

Alexis Mabry has given up her search for love. Between wannabe sugar babies, toe suckers and the guy who wanted to share her lingerie she is fed up with the dating scene and bows out gracefully. Mostly. Instead she focuses on what makes sense to her: her company and her friends in Mustang Prairie. When she meets Gorgeous Baxter on a trip to Los Angeles she starts to wonder if that strange feeling in her heart is love.
…He Was Looking For The Right Woman

Baxter Thompsen doesn’t do love. Mostly because every woman he knows wants him for his bank account and bedroom skills. But Alex doesn’t want anything from him. Especially his money. When she suggests a no-strings affair until her plane departs LA, Baxter vows to show her just how good they can be together.

When Alex and Baxter realize they have mutual business interests that may interfere with their burgeoning passion, they are forced to decide if its lust or if they just might be a little bit in love.

cover tease

Tentative release date: 12-March-2015

Get book 1 in the Mustang Prairie series,  Conflict of Interest today! 


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