Welcome To Mustang Prairie

You ever enter a town and you…just know? You belong and you can just tell that its a place you’ll love forever. Well even though I am a city girl and I will tell you that often enough, when I sat down to write my first romance since my teen years I thought about what that town would look like for me.

The result? Mustang Prairie.

Mustang Prairie is a small town in central Illinois filled with your every day weirdos like me. You’ve already met Shellie in Conflict of Interest. Shellie is a do-gooder through and through. She wants everyone to be happy and she’s willing to work hard for those she loves to achieve it.

Conflict of Interest

Soon you’ll get to meet Alex, Shellie’s BFF and a small business owner in Mustang Prairie. Alex is a bit more fiery than Shellie but she’s willing to go to the mat for her loved ones, as you’ll see when A Little Bit In Love is released on April 7th.

But one of the things that’s so great about small towns is all the other little characters that make a town a home. The frisky elderly couple, the salt of the earth waitress/restaurant owner and the chef with the fake French accent. These characters have become my second home, my friends…my people.

Get to know Shellie and her love interest Noel this week when you pick up Conflict of Interest for FREE! Then next week swing on by and pick up Alex’s story, A Little Bit In Love!

cover tease

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