Mustang Prairie Girls Love Their Drinks!!!!

One of the things you’ll notice throughout Conflict of Interest is that most of the get togethers revolve around various forms of alcohol. Whether it’s Margarita Mondays or Wine Wednesday, they grab a few bottles and get together to talk about men, life, jobs and pretty much anything else important to them.

Part of this comes from my love of alcohol and part of it comes from testing different wines, beers and spirits on my travels. Although Germany is known for its beer (or bier) they also have some pretty good wine selections from my personal favorite Schwarzriesling to the only white I can drink…Riesling. Whether its two buck chuck or an expensive bottle, I’m willing to give it all a try just like the women of Mustang Prairie.

In A Little Bit In Love, you’ll notice that Alex has graduated to cocktails. She fixes them to go with pretty much everything so you can look forward to a few of my own cocktail recipes in the future. When people ask why they are always drinking I just ask, “why not?” It is part of our social settings to have alcohol and given that Shellie and Noel spend so much time creating masterful meals…who would drink plain ol’ water or milk to go with it?

These characters are adults and act as such.

Here’s a small sample of my alcoholic samplings this past year!

blog photo alochol

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