Mustang Prairie Books 1 & 2 AVAILABLE NOW!

So you’re looking for a small town romance and don’t know where to start. How about with two crazy best friends who meet regularly over wine or cocktails to talk about love, life, men and booze?

In Conflict of Interest we meet Shellie Winthrop, a small town girl who LOVES her town! She consults with small town businesses to help them keep their small town…small. But when a big box company plans to open up in Mustang Prairie she will go toe to toe with the green-eyed devil himself!

If you love a feisty woman unafraid to speak her mind and a sexy executive who knows what he wants and goes after it…you’ll love this story!

Conflict of Interest


In A Little Bit In Love we get to know Shellie’s BFF Alex a little bit better. Alex speaks her mind and she’s very tough on the surface. She has given up her search for love after more dating disasters than a reality TV series and decides to get some quality time with her best friend at the beach. Alex can’t resist the handsome tycoon with the dancing eyes but with so many obstacles in their way, can anything come of their feelings?

If you love a fun-loving bachelor with a kind heart and a spunky business owner who says what she things then A Little Bit In Love is right up your alley.

cover tease





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