10 Things You Don’t Know About Alex

Since my dear friend Alex would never tell you her deepest secrets, neither can I. But as her best friend in the whole wide world, I do know tons of other embarrassing facts and tidbits that I could be persuaded to reveal for the right price.

Hint: the right price is usually something I can eat or drink, or both.

Despite her tough exterior Alex is a big ol’ softie, which you’ll find out when you read her story A Little Bit In Love. But here are a few things that didn’t make it into the story!

10 Things Alex Would Kill Me For Telling You

  • She rocks out to Paradise City when she cleans.
  • She loves dysfunctional love stories (think Olivia & Fitz, Tom & Elizabeth)
  • Alex’s favorite comfort food is macaroni & cheese (fancy cheese with pancetta)
  • The one luxury she can’t live without: lavender scented beauty products (lotion, oil, shampoo & body wash)
  • She secretly reads the horoscope section of the Mustang Prairie Sentinel
  • She will watch Law&Order whenever it comes on, no matter how far into an episode it is. (She’ll blow off the world for a marathon!)
  • Alex is the worst rapper you will ever meet…EVER! Yet she constantly does!
  • Her favorite book is To Kill A Mockingbird but she says her favorite book is Wuthering Heights
  • Once in her life every girl should dance around in her underwear.
  • Her #1 love/hate relationship is with Anda’s charcuterie (love) & Anda (hate)

A Little Bit In LoveNow in digital & paperback!



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