Since my dear friend Alex would never tell you her deepest secrets, neither can I. But as her best friend in the whole wide world, I do know tons of other embarrassing facts and tidbits that I could be persuaded to reveal for the right price.

Hint: the right price is usually something I can eat or drink, or both.

Despite her tough exterior Alex is a big ol’ softie, which you’ll find out when you read her story A Little Bit In Love. But here are a few things that didn’t make it into the story!

10 Things Alex Would Kill Me For Telling You

  • She rocks out to Paradise City when she cleans.
  • She loves dysfunctional love stories (think Olivia & Fitz, Tom & Elizabeth)
  • Alex’s favorite comfort food is macaroni & cheese (fancy cheese with pancetta)
  • The one luxury she can’t live without: lavender scented beauty products (lotion, oil, shampoo & body wash)
  • She secretly reads the horoscope section of the Mustang Prairie Sentinel
  • She will watch Law&Order whenever it comes on, no matter how far into an episode it is. (She’ll blow off the world for a marathon!)
  • Alex is the worst rapper you will ever meet…EVER! Yet she constantly does!
  • Her favorite book is To Kill A Mockingbird but she says her favorite book is Wuthering Heights
  • Once in her life every girl should dance around in her underwear.
  • Her #1 love/hate relationship is with Anda’s charcuterie (love) & Anda (hate)

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