Feels Like Love – LIVE!!!!

I am happy, giddy really, to announce that Feels Like Love (Mustang Prairie Book 3) is now ready for purchase!

Sadie and Dylan’s story is one that starts out as friends and morphs into something deeper over time. I had a fantastic time writing it and I hope that you guys love it as much as I do! Right now it’s only available in digital, but paperback will be available shortly…I promise.

Feels_Like_Love_FINAL full cover

If you’re not familiar with the story, enjoy the blurb:

I just wanted to belong…

Sadie had never belonged anywhere other than on stage. A soulful singer and musician, she left home at a young age and never looked back. No one missed her anyhow. Traveling the country with one no good boyfriend or another for work, Sadie settled in New Orleans until another d-bag boyfriend decided she wasn’t enough…and the slutty new bartender was.

She left for Mustang Prairie and the open arms of her half-sister Amelia…or so she thought

I just wanted to protect her…

Dylan Parker was retired at the ripe old age of 34. After catching a serial killer who’d tortured Chicago for a decade, he was ready to turn in his homicide detective’s shield.

Needing distance from his high society parents and their social climbing friends he packed up his truck and bought a bar in Mustang Prairie. Getting reacquainted with small town life would be an adjustment…until he met a copper haired amazon with a voice like warm honey.

Sadie was everything he wanted; a friend, a devil’s advocate, a sister, and a confidante. Theirs was a deeply satisfying friendship so Sadie and Dylan fought their mutual attraction.

Can Sadie & Dylan admit that their friendship feels more like love?

Go to Amazon to get your copy today!

Feels Like Love (Mustang Prairie Book 3)
US: http://amzn.to/1KIICF5
UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01B6MVXJC
GR: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/28463430-feels-like-love


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