Meet The Rebel Girlz

I’ve been away for awhile working on a new project and since it’s getting close to publishing time I figured I’d share some information about the Rebel Girlz with you!

Rebel Girlz is a novella series featuring three rebellas, Dixie, Pepper and Marilyn. Three southern women who are bucking tradition when it comes to living and loving.

Rebel Girlz

Dixie is our first rebella in Sweet Tea & Tattoo Ink. Dixie’s parents expect her to announce her engagement by the end of the summer. To a man she’s not even dating. Well Dixie ain’t having it, so she loads up her bright yellow truck, her best friends Pepper and Marilyn, and head to the Big Easy for the summer! Her plan is simple; find out who she is as an artist and maybe flex her sensual muscles with a New Orleans hottie.

Pepper is a video game developer, at least she would be if she could get her head clear enough to finish it. Between her recent break up and her parent’s desire to see her have an advantageous marriage, she can’t seem to get her game off the ground. So imagine her surprise when she runs into the one sexy geek who’s always revved up her engine, who also happens to be her closest friend aside from her cousins.

Marilyn is an aspiring novelist who is on the run from her matchmaking mama. Unfortunately even a city as sensual and eclectic as New Orleans, she can’t seem to get her sex scenes right. Or believable. But one accidental encounter with a soulful singer will have Marilyn rethinking her stance on love and sex.

Meet the REBEL GIRLZ Summer 2016!!!!!!


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