The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Love this recipe…love the comments too! Check out Cooking in Sens.

Cooking in Sens


With our eyes wide shut, in the name of normalcy, we tolerate the theft of our democracy by the modern robber barons and carpetbaggers, led by a racist, misogynistic clown, most likely in the pay of/blackmailed by an enemy head of state.  The revolution will not be televised because, as in dictator run countries, the broadcasting industries will be solely in control of and censored by the government through a billionaire/millionaire packed Presidential cabinet. Scary.

Refusing to be paralyzed by fear, I checked the expiration date on our passports, remembered that we are dual nationals and decided to make “Chinese” 🙂


Some years ago, I bought the Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook that I use frequently and adore.  My copy, of course, is in France but, in the spirit this Christmas, I thought I would buy another copy and gift it to one of my neighbors.  However, after some deep thought, I…

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