COMING SOON!!! ~ Best Of My Love

My name is Andrea Larson but everyone calls me Dre.

After college I was supposed to return to my hometown of Emerald Creek and set up an online travel business with my high school sweetheart.

Then he knocked up someone else and those plans went to sh*t.

I moved on, sold my website for a ton of money and moved to California.

My life, my business is a success by any measure of the word.

Then I got the call. My best friend needed me.

In Emerald Creek.

I haven’t seen Erick in a decade, maybe more.

Now we’re in the same town where we fell in love and avoiding him isn’t possible.


My name is Erick but everyone knows me by my restaurant name, Maverick

Divorce and a single dad, I don’t date much.

My life is my baby girl and Maverick’s.

And then Dre comes back to town.

Summer in Emerald Creek would be the perfect chance to make her love me again.

If I can get her to talk to me.


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