LIVE ~ Baby It’s Cold Outside by Kait Nolan

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A runaway author

Ivy Blake is on a deadline. Actually, she’s past the deadline and desperate to find some peace, quiet, and inspiration to get her book back on track. She doesn’t plan on a Tennessee blizzard or the bear that causes her to crash.

A grumpy lumberjack

Harrison Wilkes isn’t actually a lumberjack, but he’s doing his best impression during this week away from real life. He needs to rest, recharge, and stay the hell away from people, while he makes some major life decisions. He doesn’t plan to be executing a snowbound rescue.

Is it getting hot in here?

When Winter Stormageddon traps Ivy and Harrison together, suddenly his one-man cabin feels more cramped than cozy. As more than the fireplace heats things up, Harrison’s starting to think the interruption to his solitude might be worth it. Will the grumpy lumberjack prove to be inspiration or distraction?

Ivy and Harrison were a fun couple to get to know in Baby It’s Cold Outside, despite my initial hesitance about reading a novella. Usually I find them too short to be satisfying but, as usual, Kait Nolan has done a great job of pulling out all the right details for a full and satisfying story.

As a writer myself, I fully understand Ivy’s need to just get away and focus on taking care of herself and writing. But best laid plans and all that, and she ends up in a compromising position (not that kind!) that lands her in the arms of super hot and very grumpy Harrison. He’s a man of few words, plenty of grunts, and some pretty intense inner thoughts.

It was nice to see some of the people from the Misfit Inn series, especially Ari who seems to have grown up even more and all I have to say, is poor Pru! And (hint, hint) I’m hoping this is going to kickstart another series with those sexy ex-servicemen?!?!

Okay, back to the story. Baby It’s Cold Outside was hot and sweet, fun, funny and yes, even sad at times. I felt it all and if not for the fact it was so short, I definitely would have stayed up all night trying to finish it!

Another great romance from Kait Nolan!


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