HAPPY RELEASE DAY!!! ~ Give Me A Reason by Jennifer Miller

Title: Give Me A Reason
Author: Jennifer Miller
Genre: Contemporary Romance 18+
Release Date: June 18, 2018
I always knew this day would come – that it would be my turn.
Images of my mother fighting the same disease are forever branded on my heart and soul. Regret and pain her unintentional parting gifts. 
That will not be me.
I won’t allow it.
Instead, I will live my life to the fullest for the time I have left.
I accept my fate. 
That’s my choice; my right.
Oliver Gentry, my childhood best friend, has other ideas. He wants to give me a reason to stay.
He wants to be the reason I fight.

The first, oh let’s say 10 pages of Give Me A Reason told me this was not going to be your typical read because I was crying…a lot. Reading as Remy reminisced on the times she and her mother spent together was very touching. It’s clear from her memories, her longing that they were more than mother and daughter, they were great friends and throughout the story her sense of loss was palpable.

So even though I was VERY tempted to knock a star off because of all the crying, I couldn’t. It takes a talented writer to evoke that kind of emotion and Jennifer Miller did it. In spades.

And don’t even get me started on Remy and Oliver. Her best friend and man of her dreams! These two could give Dawson & Joey a run for their money in terms of just delaying the frickin’ inevitable. Give Me A Reason is a love story first and foremost but to this reader, that was the most frustrating part of the story. Yeah she’s sick and they’ve been avoiding this forever for a bunch of made up reasons but now…now is the time. Now. Is. The. Time.

Despite that, which is why I didn’t give it the full five stars, Jennifer Miller wrote her *ss off with this story. It was emotional as hell, so damn touching and in case you didn’t get it earlier…it was a very ugly cry.


So don’t take the 4 star rating as a sign that anything is wrong…other than the fact this story left me so emotionally drained I needed to go pick up a rom-com to get my head on straight.

Cali Gals – “I will say it is hands down the BEST book she has ever written.”

Author Jennifer Miller was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois but now calls Arizona home. Her love of reading began when she was a small child, and only continued to grow as she entered adulthood. Ever since winning a writing contest at the young age of nine, when she wrote a book about a girl with a pet unicorn, she’s dreamed of writing a book of her own. The important lesson she learned about dreams is that they don’t just fall into your lap – you have to chase them yourself. Most importantly, she is a wife and mother, and is very lucky to have a family that loves and supports her in all things. She also has an unhealthy addiction to handbags and chocolate covered strawberries, neither of which she cares to work on. For more information about Jennifer Miller, please visit www.jennifermillerwrites.com



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