NEW RELEASE!!! ~ Ryan by A.S. Kelly

Title: Ryan
Series: O’Connor Brothers
Author: A.S. Kelly
Genre: Contemporary/Sports Romance
Release Date: May 20, 2019

I’ve gone back: back to the place where it all started, where somebody else had the final say.

I did it out of love for my family.
I’m trying to rebuild my life, to stay standing, even though my legs hurt like hell. I’m concentrating on myself, on my career.
I’m ready to tear everything apart to try and keep it all together. To hate without feeling guilty for it, because hating others is the only way I know how to keep myself – the person I am – going; and I was doing it. I was strong. I was untouchable. I was invincible.
Actually, I was deluded.
I didn’t consider everything. I didn’t consider her: the only woman I really want to hate, but who gives me hope. A woman who turns your world upside-down, who entwines herself into your life even if she can only stay until tomorrow.
I’m not looking for tomorrow: I want a future. But I don’t believe in that anymore.
And I can’t turn back, not even for her.
My name is Ryan O’Connor, and I’m about to make a huge mistake. I’m about to let her believe in me, to take a chance. But she’d be betting on the wrong man. I’ve never been the right one. And she’ll be left accepting her bitter defeat.


One thought on “NEW RELEASE!!! ~ Ryan by A.S. Kelly”

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