NEW RELEASE BLAST!!! ~ Paper Cuts Anthology

Title: Paper Cuts

Authors: R.B. O’Brien ~ Ashlee Shades ~ Rachel De Vine ~ Roman Newell ~ Sebastian Nox ~ Xtina Marie ~ Mark A. Morris ~ Summer Layne

Genre: Poetry

Release: June 27, 2019



Paper Cuts is for poetry addicts, people new to poetry, and for anyone who loves the aesthetic beauty of the written word. In short, this collection is for everyone, connected as we all are as human beings, who feel and live deeply, where each page, each line, each word cuts into the heart, but not as to leave a wound unhealed.

Like skin exposed to the elements whose layers become more beautiful, textured, and interesting the more vulnerable one allows, so too does poetry. It isn’t just inked or typed onto paper, but it is cut from the blood of one’s soul. Through an examination of all life’s moments of vulnerability, people can and do endure: From pain can come love; from boredom can come romance; from darkness can come light; and from dullness can come the vivid color of sensuality. The collection, then, provides insight into what a paper cut means for our hearts and souls and, ultimately, how they are healed. It is a realization that the deepest part of human existence is just brimming right below the surface, and if we let it, we can live and feel fully.

They say that when the heart physically breaks there is a flow of both blood and water. These eight diverse poets explore the attrition, fatigue, and water and blood that come from myriad paper cuts, and teach us: We bleed but do not die.


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