Romance Book Sale!!! ~ It Must Be Love (Mustang Prairie) by N.D. Jackson

Happy April & Happy Spring! To celebrate the weather–finally–warming up and the near end of Let It Be Love (Mustang Prairie Book 5), I am offering book 4, It Must Be Love for just $0.99 for a limited time only!

Meet Jack & Trixie. He’s a single father returning to his hometown to give his daughters the same peaceful and quiet upbringing he enjoyed.

Trixie is back in Mustang Prairie to set up her own business and become her own woman.

Romance book sale, just .99 cents


🔥💖🔥Welcome to Mustang Prairie🔥💖🔥
Trixie is a Mustang Prairie girl, born and raised. At least until her parents up and moved her to a commune in Oregon and far away from the love of her young life. Jack Thorpe.

But grownup Trixie is back in Mustang Prairie and ready for the next chapter in her life, which includes her lingerie store Under the Skirt and starting her own line of sexy lacy things. When her past collides with her present in the form of a tall, blonde artist, Trixie has to wonder if her girlish crush could be the answer to her grownup dreams?

Jack married his high school sweetheart, only it didn’t turn out so sweet and he never got to tell her it was over. Now he has to smile and pretend while the world goes on and on about how great Marissa was, especially now that he’d brought his girls back to Mustang Prairie for good.

The one bright spot in town was the new and improved girl next door. Little Trixie wasn’t so little and Jack was more than a little interested. Too bad he wasn’t interested in another round of the rollercoaster known as love and commitment.

Too bad he can’t stay away.

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