Mustang Prairie 99 Cents SALE!!!

Hey there, fellow readers! With the release of It Must Be Love, which goes LIVE on 7.12.2022, I figured you guys might want to catch up on the series if you haven’t so each book in the series is just $0.99 cents for a limited time.

Pre-Order Let It Be Love TODAY!!

Mustang Prairie SALE 99 cents

❤💜💙💚❤Welcome to Mustang Prairie❤💜💙💚❤
A small town filled with quirky residents, sexy women and the men who love them!

SHELLIE is standing up for herself and her town when a handsome big city executive NOEL comes to town thinking he’s gonna change things in CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

ALEX has had her fill of rich, entitled pricks and struggling, entitled pricks so she’s going on vacation. Where she meets the handsome and wealthy BAXTER who makes her question everything. A LITTLE BIT IN LOVE.

SADIE grew up on the streets with no family, no money. No nothing. Now she has a best friend who makes her heart race but she can’t risk losing him, her only family. DYLAN finally sees her and to him it FEELS LIKE LOVE.

TRIXIE just got away from a controlling man and she’s determined to build a stable, independent life…back in Mustang Prairie where she grew up. She never imagined she’d end up living next door to JACK, the boy/man of her dreams. Again. IT MUST BE LOVE

Conflict Of Interest (Shellie & Noel) ~

A Little Bit In Love (Alex & Baxter) ~

Feels Like Love (Sadie & Dylan) ~

It Must Be Love (Trixie & Jack) ~

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