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HAPPY RELEASE DAY! ~ VANILLA & VICE by Tabatha Vargo & Melissa Andrea

Vanilla and Vice is LIVE! 

Now LIVE! Vanilla and Vice by Tabatha Vargo and Melissa Andrea.
A recovering sex addict meets an irresistible virgin. 


My sick obsession with domination and sex had become an addiction, and I was no longer willing to be a slave to it.  Now, I’m six months sex free, and I haven’t tied a woman up in five.
I’ve never felt more powerful in my life.
Then Eden Vaughn got a job at Empire Sevens and turned my newfound control on its head.
She makes me feel weak and tests my restraint, silently begging me to show her how deep my addiction runs. I can’t have her sort of temptation in my casino, and I’ll do whatever it takes to get her to quit.


I’m into all things dark and filthy, but innocence is my kryptonite. She’s virtuous and vanilla, and vanilla is my VICE. 
Book+Main Bites ~ @TabathaVargo
Crashing onto the black leather couch in my office, I reached down and undid the button on my slacks and slid the zipper down.
My cock was hard and angry, tight from the pressure of an unfulfilled promise.
I gripped it, hissing at the pleasure and pain. My balls ached, begging me to give in.
And so I did.
I tugged up, rolling my head on the back of the couch with a sigh. Stroking up and down, careful to put pressure where I wanted it most, I worked my cock until the pain in my balls slowly dissolved, leaving only pleasure.
I closed my eyes, envisioning Eden’s sweet smile. I imagined her looking up at me through her lashes and grinning.
She wanted me.
She wanted to taste me.
She wanted me to fuck her so hard and so fast that she screamed and came all over my throbbing dick.
In my imagination, she dropped to her knees and took me into her warm mouth, her tongue swirling around my engorged head before she tickled the hole a bit with the tip of her tongue.
She worked her hand down my shaft, her mouth following the path until she took all she could into her mouth. My tip sliding into the back of her throat until she began to gag a bit.
Her saliva coated me, warming my dick and lubing it as her mouth worked up and down on me.
“Yeah, angel, just like that,” I whispered. “Suck my cock, baby.”
If only my imagination was real.
If only she were there, kneeling in front of me like a virginal sacrifice and servicing me to the edge of insanity.
I pumped harder, the pleasure so extreme I was starting to feel dizzy. My breathing was rough and fast, my hips tense as I thrust into my palm.
In my mind, Eden was reaching down and palming my balls, massaging them as her sweet sucking and tugs pulled my orgasm from deep inside.
I was getting closer the more she sucked.
The harder she sucked.
She licked.
It was so fucking good.
“Fuck, angel. That feels so fucking good. You want me to come in your mouth, don’t you? You want to taste me? Want my cum to cover your tongue before you swallow it?”
In my mind, she nodded, sucking harder as I reached the end.
Then the sound of my office door echoed throughout the room, and I opened my eyes to see Eden standing there looking at me. Watching me jerk off while in my imagination she was blowing me.
I couldn’t stop.
I was too close to the end.
Too close to the pleasure I had denied myself for the past six months.
Surprisingly, she didn’t leave and slam the door behind her.
Instead, her eyes dropped to my hand, and her eyes went wide.
“Don’t move,” I said as I continued to pump my cock. “Just stand there and let me look at you.”
She obeyed, going stiff as she stood in the doorway of my office without moving.
Her eyes followed my quick movement, and she bit her lip like she was enjoying it.
“Do you like watching me?” I asked, not really expecting her to respond.
She didn’t, and I was fine by that.
Through her dress I could see her nipples hard and peaking, needing to be nibbled and sucked.
My fist tightened, and I pumped harder, feeling the slow rise of my impending orgasm as it crawled down my spine and tickled my hips.
Her cheeks were crimson. She was blushing so hotly, her body spotting in red flushes. She gripped her fingers together, the tips turning white from her strength.
Was she holding herself back from me?
Did she want me as badly as I wanted her?
I almost asked her to come to me, lift her dress, and let me fill her sweet little cunt with my juice, but I had already fallen too far. I didn’t want to make my relapse worse.
Her eyes shifted, turning away from me and landing on the wall beside my head.
 “Don’t look away,” I demanded. “I want you to see the moment my cum spills for you.”
Her eyes went wide, but she listened, continuing to watch.
“Fuck,” I muttered. “Just your eyes on my cock while I jerk it is doing it for me.”
Her eyes dipped to my dick, and her tongue peeked out and swiped across her top lip like she wanted to taste me.
That was all it took.
I came.
I exploded so hard I growled like a fucking savage, which was appropriate since I felt like an animal.
On the verge of total chaos.
It was the best fucking orgasm I had ever had in my life from jerking off.

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COVER REVEAL ~ To Fall for Winter by Kelsey Kingsley

Title: To Fall for Winter
Series: Kinney Brothers #2
Author: Kelsey Kingsley
Genre: Contemporary Adult Romance

Release Date: March 19, 2018


“You think I’m ready to ruin you forever?”
“Oh, Ireland… You’ve already ruined me forever.” 

I’ve been called the Black Sheep. Troublemaker. And probably a dozen other words that are nowhere near that nice. My past is checkered. Full of questionable choices and even worse outcomes. But I’ve put it behind me. I’m on the straight and narrow now.

For two years, I’ve towed the line. Stayed out of trouble. Kept my head above water. And have not made even one reckless decision.

But then Snow came to River Canyon on the first day of winter.

Inked, pierced, and unafraid of speaking her mind, and going after what she wants, she made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Together, I knew we would make a mess. 

I just couldn’t keep myself from getting dirty.

When I was seventeen, my older brother Patrick had a momentary lapse of judgment with a girl he couldn’t stand, and as luck would have it, he had gotten the chick pregnant. 

The night he was told about the pregnancy, he came home and with his head in his hands, he gave our parents the wonderful news. I walked in on that cheerful little conversation, coming in from a night of partying with my friends. I had looked at him, ghost-white and panicked. Then, I looked at my parents, fuming, and also panicked. The three of them had acted for a time as though they were the only ones being affected by it all, but in truth, it was a defining moment in all of our lives.

For our parents, it was the shock of being handed their Grandparent Card before they felt they were ready. It was the reality that their oldest son, their first baby, was having a baby of his own and embarking on a journey of life that would take him places they weren’t permitted. 

For Patrick, it was the rusty—albeit temporary—nail in the coffin that held his relationship with his childhood sweetheart. It was the consequence to trump all others. And, well, I also like to think it was one of the best things to ever happen to him, because I know now that he sees his daughter as anything but a mistake. 

For my twin brother Sean, it was the encouragement he needed to continue being the perfect son. It was the pressure to get good grades, keep his head above water, and although he never said it, it stressed the shite out of him. I could see it in the lines that had formed between his brows. 

For me? Well … 

On that night, after sneaking up to the bedroom I still shared with Sean, all I can remember thinking was, “Well, nothing I do can ever be as disappointing as this. That guy has set the bar, and I will never see myself over it.” And that would have been fine, except that, for me, it wasn’t a warning—it became a dare, and I tested it a little too much. I managed to pass over that bar by the time I was twenty, and I just kept on climbing. 

And it wasn’t that I was a bad guy, keep in mind. I just couldn’t seem to help myself. I just found trouble, or maybe it found me. Who the hell knows. 

Still, by some miracle, I had never knocked a girl up. 

Maybe things would have been better if I had. 

And this was what I thought about while we did the cliché bullshite of having a smoke after sex.


Kelsey Kingsley lives in New York with her family and a cat named Ethel.

She believes there is nothing better than a good doughnut and a cup of tea, and that there is a song for everything.