Review ~ Her Fated Cowboy – Donna Michaels

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~ Harland County Series…Unruly cowboys and the women who tame them.

L.A. cop, Jordan Masters Ryan has a problem. Her normal method of meeting a crisis head-on and taking it down won’t work. Not this time. Not when fate is her adversary. Having kept her from the man she thought she’d always marry, the same fickle fate took away the man she eventually did. Thrown back into the path of her first love, she finds hers is not the only heart fate has damaged.

Widower and software CEO, Cole McCall fills his days with computer codes and his free time working the family’s cattle ranch. Blaming himself for his wife’s death, he’s become hard and bitter. When his visiting former neighbor sets out to delete the firewall around his heart, he discovers there’s no protection against the Jordan virus. Though she understands his pain and reawakens his soul, will it be enough for Cole to overcome his past and embrace their fated hearts?

Don’t you just love it when you bought a book ages ago and never read it and then you find it, like a favorite dress or book you didn’t realize you still had?

Her Fated Cowboy has a nice ebb and flow to the story. It starts off fun and fast-paced as Jordan and her sister Kerri head back home to Harland County, Texas. When they were kids the sisters used to chase around the McCall brothers, Cole and Conor. And let me tell you they are some big and sexy cowboys. Though when we meet Cole he is kind of a grumpy pants and I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it with him. But I held on, made it through the first big blow up when Jordan earned her stripes with me. And then I started to dig him.

But Jordan? That is one feisty chick and I loved her. She didn’t mince words and she didn’t cower when the big nasty cowboy started beating his chest a la King Kong. I loved that she turned into such a melty pile of goo when she first saw him but she didn’t hesitate to give him a hard time. It was refreshing to see a strong woman being unafraid to shine.

Donna Michaels did a good job of giving these characters such a rich and complex history. They were friends, sort of siblings and they’d both held onto an unrequited love for a decade. But now they’re both all grownup and battled-scarred by death. Despite the heat between them they’re not ready, or are they?

The second half of Her Fated Cowboy is deliciously steamy and you won’t be disappointed. It’s detailed but not graphic…but not.

There were times I thought it dragged a little but then things would get crazy or romantic or funny and it was all but forgotten. Overall I enjoyed Her Fated Cowboy.

This is the first book in the series but as of this review book 3 is free!

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