Review ~ After All – Erin Nicholas

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Big, hot Sapphire Falls cop Scott Hansen, the source of Peyton Wells’ dirtiest daydreams, has only one fault in her opinion…he’s crazy about her.

She’ll do absolutely anything Scott asks if he obeys three simple rules: they’re both naked; there are lots of hands and lips involved; and they absolutely do not call it a relationship. The R word gives her hives. Why can’t the guy just be happy with no-strings sex?

But, when Scott’s injured on the job, Peyton can’t stand the idea of anyone but her playing nurse—and Scott sees the perfect opportunity to show her that a relationship with him can be the best time she’s ever had.

But things with Peyton are never easy. After all, he doesn’t call her Trouble for nothing…

When it comes to Sapphire Falls I just can’t get enough. I thought for sure that Peyton and Scott’s story in After All would prove that the series had lost its luster but holy hot damn it was super hot and swoon-worthy!

Hot cop and resident do-gooder Scott Hansen wants Peyton. Badly. He vowed not to do anything more than engage in some kisses hot enough to burn her panties off…until she agreed to more. And she wants him just as bad. So what’s the problem?

The problem is why I love Erin Nicholas so much! Peyton’s family puts the “what the fu-,” in dysfunctional. Mom has some serious mental issues and dad is a serious enabler and all of this at the expense of their one and only daughter. The last thing in the world she wants is to end up like her mom, JoEllen, and a perpetual White Knight like Scott makes her feel like she’ll end up just like her.

So she resists.

Hell, she more than resists and that’s when the story gets good. Watching these two trying to figure out whether they were coming and going had me laughing, screaming and at time squeegeeing my Kindle. Seducing the heart and body all in an effort to win—or prevent—something bigger and better, neither of them fight fair.

After All is the kind of romance that made me come back to this genre. The sweet stuff was incredibly sweet but in an everyday kind of way, the ways that matter most. And it accomplished all that without getting too cheesy, because let’s face it, we all love a little cheese once in awhile. And the steamy was perfectly steamy—detailed without being pornographic—and most of all exactly what you would expect of Scott & Peyton.

Bottom line, this was a fun, fast read!


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