Event ~ Books are Bigger in Texas Author Event 2018


Event: Books are Bigger in Texas 
Date: March 10, 2018


Time: 11am-4pm CST


Venue: 1940 Air Terminal Museum, Houston, Texas, USA
Official Photographer: Wander Book Club Photography



A. Zavarelli 
AJ Warner


Amy Briggs


Lita lawson
Ali & Weston Parker
Alyson Reynolds
Amanda Kimberley LB
Amy Stephens
Andrea R Cooper
Annelise Reynolds
Ashley Nemer
B L Marsh
Barbara Blue Johnson
Brooke Cumberland
Brooke Parker
Brooklyn Taylor
C. R. Lemons
C.A. Harms
Cecilia London
Champagne Book Group
Charisse Spiers
Cree Nations
C.A. Szarek
Clint Thurmon
Cora Kenborn
Daniella Rae
Danielle Dauphinet
Danielle Pearl
Daryl Banner
Dylan Horsch
Emery Jacobs
Erin Noelle
Golden Czermak
Harlow Stone
Heidi McLaughlin
Hilary Storm
J.C. Cliff/SC Pike
Jas T. Ward
Jeanne McDonald
Jenna Tyler
Jennifer Theriot
Jessica Cage
Jo Holatte
Kristine Allen
Jessica McCrory
Jiffy Kate
K. Renee
Kailee Reese Samuels
Kathryn L James
Kathy Coopmans
KD Robichaux
Kennedy Fox
Kimberly Bracco
L.A. Corvill
Lani Lynn Vale
LM Carr
Lyra Parish
M. Sembera
M.K. Dawn
Marie james
Martine Lewis
M.W. Leigh
ME Carter
Mignon Mykel
Misha Ellliott
Missy Jane
Morgan & Jennifer Locklear
N. E. Henderson
Lick Your Lips Cakes
Nicole Edwards
Nicole Flockton
Nikki Sparxx
R.E. Hargrave
RD Berg
R.L Harmon/Ryan “Stacks” Harmon
RR Born
S. Moose
S. N. Garza
Samantha Conley
S.R. Watson/S. Renee
Sienna Parks
Stacey Brandon & Karen Bell
Stacy Kestwick
Screaming Mimi
T.K. Leigh
Terri Anne Browning
Thia Finn
Torrie Robles
Wren Michaels
Xavier Neal




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