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NEW RELEASE!!! ~ All the Lonely Hearts by Ella Rye

Title: All the Lonely Hearts: Poetry Inspired by Music
Author: Ella Rye
Genre: Free Verse Poetry, Poetry
Release Date: April 9, 2019
Cover Design: By Hang Le


Has given me a reason
To breathe
A reason to be
It comes in many forms. One of those can be music. Be it the melody, or the story it’s trying to tell.
All the Lonely Hearts is an exploration of inspiration. Be it the melody, the story, or even a word. Ella Rye brings these two worlds crashing together. Each poem is inspired by a song.
All the Lonely Hearts is a collection of Free Verse Poetry.

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FREE BOOK BLITZ!!! ~ Undaunted by Sandy Alvarez and Crystal Daniels

Title: Undaunted
Series: The Kings of Retribution MC
Author: Crystal Daniels and Sandy Alvarez
Genre: MC Romance
Publication Date: September 22, 2017 


As the VP of Kings of Retribution MC, I live and breathe club life. After suffering the loss of two women in my life, I grew cold and indifferent to the idea of love. I don’t need to let anyone in. I’ve seen the aftermath it can leave in its quake. 
The last thing I’m looking for is someone to fill the void.
Until – Bella Jameson
Struggling to keep my head above water, my only concern is taking care of my sister. The last thing I expected was to fall in love with a tattooed biker, Logan Kane. With evil hiding in the shadows, I have no idea the danger my sister and I are about to face.
Will they overcome their demons in the end, or will they lose each other in the process? Lies will be told, secrets will be revealed, and what was once lost… will be found.

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The Mystery Blogger Award!!

A big ol’ thanks to Erica Mae @Living a Hundred Lives for nominating me! Thanks, sugar!

I’m not sure which one was Erica’s so I’m using this logo because it’s prettier. 😀

What Is The Mystery Blogger Award?

It’s an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging, and they do it with so much love and passion. –Okoto Enigma

The rules for the award are:

1. Put the award logo/image on your blog
2. List the rules.
3. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
4. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well. (Okoto Enigma – link above).
5. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself
6. You have to nominate 10 – 20 people
7. Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog
8. Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify)
9. Share a link to your best post(s)

Three Things About Me:

  1. I am a serious political junkie. I have two degrees in political science and even now, living and traveling overseas, I tune in to politics. America, Germany, Canada, Thailand…I love it all and I eat it up!
  2. I LOVE tennis. I mean like psychotically LOVE it. Roger Federer and Serena Williams are my jam but I grew up in the age of the Sampras-Agassi rivalry and I haven’t stopped watching since. One day I plan to be at all the Grand Slams in the same year!
  3. When I write romance, I am usually listening to true crime documentaries in the background. It’s weird I know, but it’s such a wonderful microcosm of humanity which is like the perfect martini as far as an author is concerned.

FIVE Questions from Erica

ONE: If you’d recommend a book to a non-reader, what would it be?

Boomsday by Christopher Buckley because it is hilarious and amazing and so incredibly well written that I think even a non-reader would get sucked in right away. He has taken satire and turned it even more absurd.

TWO: Is there a movie adaptation that you liked more than its book? Specify.

Nope. Absolutely not. I am a purist (my husband calls it a book snob) and I have yet to see a movie that was better than the book. Although if pressed to choose I’d say that The Notebook was one movie that I loved and I loved the book but that’s about as close as I’ve ever gotten to that reality. And I do love most movie adaptations of Jane Austen though not as much as I love the books.

THREE: What do you think is the most beautiful thing about reading?

That’s easy, getting lost in a world completely different from your own. Whether it’s a small town romance, urban fantasy fiction or paranormal, you get to go enjoy someone else’s life, their struggles and triumphs, tragedies and achievements. I love that I want to go to Marietta, Montana in hopes there’s something there as good as Sage Carrigan’s chocolates! THAT is the beauty of reading.

FOUR: Your favorite drink/food when reading?

I love a good cocktail when I’m settling in for some uninterrupted reading time. My go to is usually Jameson on the rocks but I’m always open to experimenting if my backup drink, a dirty vodka martini isn’t available. I don’t really eat when I read because usually food just sits there unforgotten.

FIVE: What was the last book that made you laugh so hard? And what’s so funny about it? 

The Dare by Rachel Van Dyken! Dude, Grandma Nadine is one of the best characters in all of contemporary fiction! That old lady is hilarious and tough and amazing and when I’m her age, I hope to be as cool and feisty as her. Those little snippets before each chapter had me laughing so hard that at times my husband forced me to read them to him just so he could laugh along. SPOILER ALERT: He too loves Nadine!

I Nominate:

Trisy @Bobo’s Book Bank

Eleanor @Real Tasty Pages

Alyne @Alyne Hart Author

Samantha @Samantha the Reader

Fiona @Authors Interviews

Kristal & Charmaine @Once Upon a Book Blog

Kade @Kade Cook – Author


Annnd…my best post:

Top 5 Best Small Town Romance Series

BOOK TOUR!!! ~ The Bombshell Effect by Karla Sorensen

Title: The Bombshell Effect
Author: Karla Sorensen
Genre: Sports Romantic Comedy
Release Date: June 14, 2018
Cover Designer: Najla Qamber

Allie Sutton just got a new job. 
Not one she wants, and definitely not one she’s prepared for. She hadn’t seen her dad in years, so the last thing she expects upon his sudden death is to inherit the thing he loved more than anything (or anyone) … the professional football team he owned for the last twenty years. 
Luke Pierson does not want a new boss. 
What he wants is to be a good father to his daughter, the best quarterback possible for his teammates. What he doesn’t need is a blonde bombshell ruining the team’s chances at another championship. Especially when that bombshell turns out to be his new neighbor. The neighbor he was a complete jerk to the first time they met. 
For the sake of the team, they treat each other like complete professionals. In public, at least. Behind closed doors, it’s a different story. And the fallout of giving in to that heat is something neither one of them can see coming.

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It’s hard to keep secrets in a small town….

Out June 1st – The first in a new Paranormal Romance series from Maggie Adams – Legends: Catori

Follow the blitz and enter to #win a $10 Amazon Gift Card

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Title: Legends: Catori

Author: Maggie Adams

Series: Legends

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Release Date: June 1, 2018



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BOOK TOUR!!! ~ Art of War by Monique Orgeron

Title: Art of War
Series: A Stern Family Saga #3
Author: Monique Orgeron
Genre: Contemporary Romance w/ Suspense
Release Date: March 23, 2018
Cover Designer: Erica Alexander at Serendipity Formatting

“The storyline is fantastic, it will have you on the edge of your seat, will have you bawling, and will have your cheering and rooting for this family! This is absolutely a Must Read!!” ~ Amazon Review

I LOVED THIS BOOK!! . . . If you have read the first two books this one is even better!” ~ Amazon Review

War is inevitable, but who will win? 

The minute Murphy Larussa stepped foot in New Orleans, her life changed forever.

Murphy was meant to remain in the shadows, hidden from prying eyes, like any good bastard.

She finds herself hunted by a dangerous family for a debt she has no knowledge of. 

Everyone wants her gone, but they underestimate her. She refuses to allow them to push her back into obscurity. From now on, everyone will know her name because she is here to stay and claim what is rightfully hers.

There will be a war, one Murphy is hell bent on winning!

Sent on a hunt for a person who owes his family, Zander will not stop until he has his man.

How was he to know who he would find? 

Murphy Larussa is not what any of them saw coming.

So unexpected, she’s the only woman to ever bring the great Zander Stern to his knees. 

Now he will do anything to protect her, even if that means protecting her from his own family.

Everyone wants a war.

He will give them one, but this is a war he plans on winning!
            Once Zander leaves, I hug myself, knowing I’m the one becoming stupid when it comes to him. I just have to be careful not to let it show. I feel everything he says that he does when we kiss. It’s a draw I have never felt, something I didn’t think existed. A spark that stays burning long after we’ve separated. It’s a spark that I can’t help wanting more of.
            Kyle sneaks up on me and begins questioning. “Are you realizing how much you want him?”
            “What? No! Leave me alone!”
            Kyle jumps with glee. “You are! Oh my God, Murphy you like him. Like, really like.”
            “Shut up, Kyle, get out of my way!”
            I march right past him, slamming my bedroom door. Oh God, I do like him, probably more than any other man I’ve ever met. What does that say about me? I know, that I’m glutton for punishment. How can I possibly find him, the man who belongs to the family that is holding my life in their hands more attractive, more interesting and more annoying than any other decent guy out there? Maybe because I never truly met a decent guy, and for some reason I think Zander is decent. And the way he makes me feel. I can still feel his hands on me, gently cleaning my injuries.
I can maybe deny him during the day but when I sleep there is no denying in my dreams. Every night since we’ve met, I can see and feel his touch, the way it felt to be in his arms or the way he controlled my body. The orgasms that he gave me, nothing has ever come close to that.
            Shit, what am I thinking? I can’t have these feelings. He is nothing to me, or at least that’s what I need to keep telling myself. I will not be like my mother and fall for the wrong man, or any man. So, I’m in like with him, but it’s not love. Love doesn’t truly exist; not for me, it doesn’t.
            I’m startled from my thoughts as Kyle barges into the room. “I wasn’t finished with you yet, Murph.”
            “Oh yes, you are. I don’t want to talk about Mr. Zander Stern again.”
            “Mr. Zander Stern, that’s what we’re calling him now? So professional. Is that a way for you to feel less comfortable with him?”
            “What the hell are you talking about now?”
            “I’m talking about how that man is sweet on you and you keep pushing him away like you always do. Except this time, I see something different.”
            “Really? Do tell, I know you’re dying to.”
            “Oh I will. I see the smoldering heat that comes off you two when you’re around each other. I see the desire in your eyes for him.”
            “You’re full of shit, Kyle. It’s almost laughable.”
            “Except that neither one of us is laughing. Why do this to yourself, Murphy?”
            “Do what, Kyle?”
            “Why do you try so hard to keep people at bay? Why are you so determined not to let anyone in, especially men? That man cares for you so much that he has his mother waiting to collect from you, and you still push him away.”
            I can’t answer, I have no answer for him other than I refuse to be used or hurt. I hang my head, not from shame, but for the time to build my defenses back up. Kyle’s right about me; over the years I let him in, I let him close enough to me that he recognizes my faults, but he has no right to throw them back in my face.
            He refuses to stop. “Listen, Murphy, be smart. Even if you don’t want to admit how much Zander gets to you, you should still consider his mother’s offer. I heard everything. I know his mother wants you to marry him. I think you should do it. He can protect you, and you can keep a percentage of the casino. It’s a win-win.”
            I’m done, that did it. “What the hell are you talking about? You want me to be forced to marry a man I don’t love to keep a small percentage of a casino I already own? You want me to be tied down to a man who is dangerous, not to mention a womanizer, to just piss away everything that’s mine by right? If that is my choice, I choose to just leave, go back home, let the Sterns have it all, just forget it ever existed. But I’m not. I will find a way to pay them back and keep what is mine without having to sacrifice the rest of my life.”
            Kyle’s shaking his head in defeat. “Fine, Murph, do what you have to do, but honey, if you can’t pay them, you will lose everything, including Zander, and you won’t believe me now, but that will hurt more than losing the casino.”
            I continue to watch in shock as he disappears into his bedroom. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I don’t care about Zander, and he definitely isn’t mine, so how could it hurt worse than losing my casino?
Written by Monique Orgeron’s eldest, most beautiful, and intelligent daughter. (My sister is going to hate this part.)

My mom happens to be the most caring, loving, and stubborn person I know, well anyone knows. She gives 100% percent of herself to everyone and has given up so much of herself for my sister and I. For twenty-one years she has poured her heart and soul into making sure we know that we are loved and that we can do anything we put our minds too, but it was about time she figured that out about herself. 

Up until this year I hadn’t seen my mom do anything for only her, but this book has allowed her to travel the world through the pages of a book, make new friends, and feel the joy of doing something exciting. 

There is a new light behind her eyes and it is just making me feel more joy than she can ever imagine. While she might be annoying most of the time, I am so thrilled that she is finally allowing herself to grow as a person and not spend all of her energy on her family. 

It has been a long journey of self-discovery for my mom; she has gone from domestic supermom to domestic goddess throughout the process of writing. 

We are so very excited and proud of you! I love you as big as the world.

-Bria and Tony


BLOG TOUR!! ~ Magic Lover’s by Shelly McGowan

Title: Magic’s Lovers
Series: Arcadia Global #1
Author: Shelly McGowan
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Deception and love leaves a new sorceress teetering on the edge of black magic, from which there is no return or forgiveness.

When her grandmother dies, Shay Mallory is thrust into the incredibly real world of sorcery. Along with her grandmother’s astonishing fortune, Shay has also inherited her magic powers. She is now a powerful sorceress, only if she can control her powers. As Shay begins her magical training, she finds her previous mundane life is more complicated and sinister than she realized.

As Arcadia Global’s CEO, Pierce Gresham begins teaching her the rules of sorcery, he steals her heart. But when he abruptly ends their relationship, the pressures of her magical training and the real world leave Shay teetering on the edge of black magic, from which there is no return or forgiveness.

Magic’s Lovers introduces readers to the world of magic and the epic struggle of those that govern, protect, and enforce against those forces that would use black magic to destroy everything.

Enter the world of Arcadia Global and learn about those that wield, control, and manipulate the elemental magics of the world.

Shelly was raised by her paternal Grandma, Georgette. Her life was filled with good food, stories, and lots of lessons about antiques, old plantations, and what proper etiquette was for young ladies. Georgette’s retirement was dedicated to Shelly. That love resonates with her every day, especially in her writing. When she was thirteen years old Georgette handed her a paperback book and told her to dream. From that moment on she has not stopped reading or dreaming of becoming a writer. 
After a long career in technology, real estate, and raising three children she decided it was time to pursue a dream. While Shelly had written technical documents during her career in technology she had no idea what it meant to be a fiction writer. With determination and the guiding hand of a veteran writer as her mentor, she slowly learned to craft a story. Finally, she realized her dream with her first publication of Magic’s Lovers in August 2016.
She saw the reviews for Magic’s Lovers, the emails, and private messages requesting that Shay & Pierce’s book become a series. She jumped into book two and wrote the second most requested story. Magic Denied was published in September 2017. Petra’s book is planned!
Living in Seattle, Washington area with her geeky husband of over twenty years and three teenagers, Shelly squeezes in writing when she can. The house includes four dogs, six cats, two birds, and whatever lizards her husband keeps in his basement lab. She spends most of her time researching, writing, and video conferencing with friends across the country.


SALES BLITZ —> Shame & Make It To The Alter by Fiona Cole

Titles: Shame (Shame Me Not) and Make It To The Altar (Shame Me Not Novella)
Author: Fiona Cole
Genre: NA/Coming of Age/BDSM Romance
The girl next door. Pretty. Sweet. Kind. 

Until I met her, I was alone with the dark desires that I didn’t understand, that I couldn’t reconcile. 

She became my best friend, and then she became so much more. 
Desire. Disgust. Shame. 
I wouldn’t have survived until college without her. When we were together, I was at peace for the first time in my life. 
But it was too good to last. 
Our appetite for pain and pleasure destroyed us. And all the drinks in the world weren’t enough to get used to missing her. 
On the verge of earning my degree, Ana walks back into my life, those gray-blue eyes still able to see right through me. It’s the chance I’ve been waiting for. One last chance to overcome my shame. 
If only it were that easy. 


It took Kevin and Ana ten years to find their happily ever after, and they can’t wait to claim each other as husband and wife. 
But when one thing after the next goes wrong, they begin to wonder if they’ll ever get to say their ‘I do’s’. 

As Ana starts to crumble under the stress, Kevin knows that he needs a plan. Her submission calms her, his control centers them both, and speeding up their path to matrimony seems to be the best course of action. 
That is, if they can make it to the altar.
Shame Excerpt 



“Don’t scream. Don’t move,” Kevin growled into my ear.
“Fuck, Kevin,” I sputtered once his hand dropped from my mouth. “You scared the hell out of me.”
“Good.” He ran his hand along the outside of my thigh and then under my skirt, reaching for my panties. He fisted the waistband and tugged them down.
“What the hell are you doing?” My breath sawed in and out of my chest, feeling exposed with the black lace tangled around my knees. He didn’t answer, but I felt his hand unbuckling his pants and brushing against my bottom. “Kevin . . .” I said again, but he flipped my skirt up, and used his arm around my waist to yank me higher into contact with his hard cock before tearing open a condom wrapper.
“Going to fuck you, Ana.”
I was throbbing, aching. God, the way he’d snuck up on me and just begun tugging my clothes out of the way. The way he hadn’t asked, just moved me where he wanted me. The fact that we were in school, where anyone could catch us. All of it was setting my body on fire.
“Be a good girl and don’t make a sound.” He shifted his hips and without warning, he pushed inside me in one shove.
I groaned, unable to hold back every sound. I was wet, but Kevin was big and he hadn’t prepared me in any way, so it burned. And I loved it. He barely pulled back before he pushed in again. His thrusts were quick and deep. The frantic pace he set added to the intensity of being caught.
“Touch yourself,” he whispered. “Come for me. We don’t have much time.”
One hand splayed on his thigh, holding on, and the other moved between my legs to rub at my clit. The theater was so silent that our heavy breathing and quiet moans sounded like shouts. I felt like we were daring someone to come in and watch us.
I thought I was going to draw blood from biting my lips when Kevin’s hand roughly pinched my nipple beneath my shirt causing me to hold back my scream. There was no relief, he held on to my tip and squeezed, the burn shooting straight down to my throbbing core.
I wondered what we would look like to someone who stumbled upon us. Locked together, his body pressed to my hunched back as he rutted against me like an animal in heat. His fingers latched on to my breast and my hand moving furiously between my legs.
Just the thought—creating the image in my head—set me off. “Ke-Kevin,” I cried out on a breath, desperate to stay quiet as I arched up onto my toes and let the waves of pleasure pour over me. He clamped his hand over my parted lips to hold in the cries of my orgasm and buried his head into my back, letting his moans vibrate through my chest.
My whole body shook when I came down from my high. Our bodies both leaned forward as our chests heaved in sync from the effort it took to fuck so quickly.
Kevin placed a soft kiss between my shoulder blades and slipped out of me, holding me up so I didn’t collapse in a heap on the floor. Turning around, I pulled my panties up my legs and watched him pull the condom off. My pussy squeezed. Such an intimate moment that turned me on just to see him tugging the thin piece of latex off his softening dick. Without thinking, I squatted down and sucked the tip of his cock between my lips, wanting to taste him. His hand fisted in my hair and thrust in deep with a moan before pulling out and lifting me for a kiss.
It turned me on that he didn’t mind the taste of himself. Hell, everything Kevin did turned me on. Things I didn’t even think about or consider turned me on with him. Almost every day we discovered more and more and it felt safe and exciting to do it with him. My best friend. Kevin looked down at me and smiled as he buckled up his pants.
“That was pretty risky. We could’ve gotten caught.”
“And that is the thrill of it,” he answered.


Make It to the Altar Excerpt


We grabbed a seat at our gate and settled in for the wait. He took off his suit jacket and rested it over my shoulders before pulling me as close to him as I could get with an armrest between us. The sensation of his fingers stroking my hair almost lulled me to sleep when a slow song came on at the bar across the walkway and he shifted. 



“Dance with me, Anabelle.”



Looking around at the people, I almost said no, but he’d already tugged me out of my seat and into his arms. 



“Don’t tell me no. It’s our first dance.”



I dug my fingers into the hair along his neck and laid my head on his chest, letting Ed Sheeran’s song, Perfect, surround us as Kevin moved in slow circles. I was sure people were watching, but I didn’t care. 



“How many kids do you want?” His question surprised me. We’d never really talked details about kids other than we both knew we wanted them. 



“I don’t know. More than one, less than ten.”



His chest shook against my cheek as he laughed. “Sounds like a good limit.”



“What about you?”



“More than one. I didn’t love being the only child.”



“Me either. But I was lucky when I found you. Although, I wouldn’t have hated it if you’d had a sexy older brother.”



“Anabelle,” he growled my name. 



Laughing, I said, “I’m kidding. You’re it for me. You’re the only person I want to have a baby with.”



Lifting my head, I looked up into his eyes, wanting to get lost in the depths and layers of brown. He leaned down and kissed my cheek working his way to my ear where he nipped at it with his teeth. 



“I can’t wait to see you pregnant with my child.” His words sent a shiver of excitement down my body. “Does that excite you? Being filled with my seed?”



I didn’t answer, just swallowed hard and buried my head in his chest to hide the flush working its way up my chest. 



“That first trimester, when everything is so sensitive,” he growled from deep in his chest. “Oh, Ana. I’ll suck on your full breasts, torture them, wrap them around my dick and fuck them. They’ll be so eager for my touch, I’ll probably be able to make you come just by playing with them.”



“Kevin.” I said his name on a desperate breath, squeezing my thighs against the ache his words created.



“Are you turned on, Ana? Do my words excite you, right here in front of all these people? I bet I could make you come with my words alone. And you would, for me.”



My whole body shook with need and I held tightly to his neck, scared he would do it. Terrified that he wouldn’t.



I could feel his breath against my neck and waited for him to begin when we were interrupted by an announcement. 



“Passengers on flight one-five-two-three, to Jamaica, need to proceed to the desk. Flight one-five-two-three to Jamaica has been canceled. Please see check in for information.”




Fiona Cole is a military wife and a stay at home mom with degrees in biology and chemistry. As much as she loved science, she decided to postpone her career to stay at home with her two little girls, and immersed herself in the world of books until finally deciding to write her own.
Fiona loves hearing from her readers, so be sure to follow her on social media.



HAPPY RELEASE DAY!! ~ His On Demand by Fiona Murphy (excerpt & giveaway INSIDE!)

Title: His On Demand (BBW Romance)
Author: Fiona Murphy
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 27, 2018
To make my dream come true I’ll do anything, even put up with an asshole like Leandros Kaplan. Four years, five tops and I’ll have enough money saved to stop working and write full time. I know lying to him to get the job is crazy and stupid. It’s as crazy and stupid as the requirement for his new assistant to be married. I’m not married, and I’m not like his past assistants, the ones who dropped sexual innuendo daily and then would hand him their underwear when he asked for reports. I’m a freaking virgin at thirty-one. 

I swear I never thought I would fall for him, it doesn’t matter that he’s a gorgeous Greek god billionaire, he’s also a jerk who takes pride in being ruthless and cold-blooded. He’s so out of my league we don’t even play the same game. He’s into dating double zero models. There’s no way he would ever be interested in a plus size like me.

When he finds out I lied I’m not surprised he wants his pound of flesh, I’m surprised he wants it in the form of my flesh, naked for him. The retribution he demands is me, whenever, however, he wants my body. I’ll give it to him, everything he demands. He doesn’t want my heart or tears, only I can’t stop giving him both, and it’s slowly tearing me apart. Can he ever forgive me for lying or will that one lie be the end of us?

Walking Elizabeth Ward to the elevator, I am satisfied by her happiness and effusive thanks. Dmitri owes me twenty dollars, I managed not only to hire her. I turned her from an angry shrew into a purring contented kitten.

“She was pretty.” The words are spoken the moment the elevator closes and in Italian. I have to be wrong about the jealousy I detect. Yet when I turn it is clear on her face. Her blue eyes are a storm of emotion. “You got what you wanted. You really liked her.”

I am drawn to Alexa, I cannot look away from her. From seeing her every emotion and desire on her beautiful face to the brilliant blue of her eyes. I hear her breath catch as she leans back in the chair behind her desk. My hands go flat on her desk to keep from reaching for her.

I respond in English, there can be no chance of misunderstanding. “She is very pretty.” Alexa’s face tightens then her eyes fall from mine. “I did get what I wanted, I always get what I want. I got the best person for the job. That she happens to be a very pretty woman as well means nothing to me. She is now an employee, and I do not fuck employees. Ever.” Alexa inhales as sapphire blue eyes catch and hold mine and my cock screams for her. “That is all I do. I fuck, Ms. Clark. No emotions, just pleasure. Long hours, of complete and utter pleasure, is all I want from a woman. Only it is not enough for many women, they get greedy for more than hours, they want days, weeks, months and several even want forever. All I want are the hours.”
Her eyes are glittering sapphires, I want to see her naked in sapphires, a rope of them at her neck, in her ears, between her breasts. A long shuddering breath comes out of her, and I watch in painful fascination as her breasts sway. The ringing phone snaps me out of the thick haze of desire. It reminds me where I am, and who I’m talking to, at work to my employee, my married employee. Damn her for making me forget.
Due to commitment issues I have lived in many different cities and my favorite is Chicago but I have managed to settle into Austin and perhaps my commitment issues are behind me. 

I have enjoyed reading from a very young age and it wasn’t long before the children books bored me and I read the books my mother enjoyed Stephen King and Dean Koontz and I didn’t sleep without the light on until I was about ten. 

I came across my first Harlequin by accident and it was love at first read, no one died and happy endings? It was a whole new world and I loved it. 

I wrote my first story at eight and everyone died, of course. Since then I would like to think I’ve gotten better and now I’m writing the happily ever afters I first fell in love with, with some hot sex thrown in along the way.


RELEASE DAY!!! ~ Duke by Jax Hart (EXCERPT inside!!)

Title: Duke
Author: Jax Hart
Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 27, 2018
She’s his obsession.
He’s her downfall.
Raised in a remote town by men who would die for her, Shanna can’t wait to escape years of being babysat by the archaic mentality of the men her father’s MC. They live by a code. A code she’s done being part of.
But even in isolated places… there are people dying to take you down.
Duke and Shanna must decide if they are going to fight for their love or watch it crash and burn when both of them are forced to make choices they can’t come back from.
How far would you go for love?
I stopped in on a whim to see the old dive bar where my old man used to spend his days–getting drunk with his boys from the MC. But when I walked in and saw her… I knew I would be back and not just for anot
her round, but to make Shanna mine. 
She’s asking for trouble teasing me the way that she does. 
She’s made a mistake.
A bad one.
I’m not like the pathetic boys at her college. I’m an ex-marine, and I’m gonna make my BAD GIRL pay. 
But I wasn’t expecting her to put up a fight. Taming her just might be the biggest battle I’ve faced yet, but I’m determined to make it the sweetest victory for us both.
She’s my angel, but I’m her devil. 
Together we’re gonna burn.
“Excuse me?
“You heard me. CUT THEM OFF.”
I stare back at him for a few beats astonished. This man has the nerve to sit at my bar, silently staring at me for two weeks without uttering a single word, and now he’s speaking to me for the first time just to tell me what to do— in my own goddamn place?
I don’t think so.
Ignoring him, I turn my back, intentionally pouring more shots for the rowdy group. The amount they put on their tab so far is enough to put me well into the black this month and then some.
They are annoying but harmless.
I’ll let them get liquored up and make sure they all get into the hired car waiting at the curb outside. I’ve been doing this long enough to know how to handle myself and my bar.
My name falls from his lips like a curse or prayer; maybe a combination of both.
Raising one eyebrow, I turn to look at him over my shoulder…daring him… challenging him to say anything else to me.
“What? Do you need another shot of bourbon?” I smile sweetly.
He crooks a finger at me, signaling me to come closer.
But I’m not stupid.
I’m not getting within two feet of him.
But when Meat signals me, I feel like I have no choice. Meat is loyal and has been nothing but good to me, I can’t snub him just because Duke is sitting right next to him.
I slowly walk over, intentionally leaning my elbows on the bar so my shirt dips good and low, planting my cleavage right in front of his face.
The lacy edges of my bra greet him and I can’t help but notice how his hungry eyes devour every inch of my exposed flesh.
Before I can blink, he has me.
He moves fast for a man of his size. He caught me off guard; I’m alarmed.
I would never survive in a bar like this… in a life like this if I had slow reflexes and bad instincts but I never saw his move coming.
He has me.
With one hand, he traps both of mine flat on the bar. He leans in. His face brushes mine as he whispers, “I told you to cut them off. You’re a bad girl, Shanna and you will pay for this… ”
He’s still a breath away and lowers his gaze to my breasts.
Holy Hell.
It takes everything in me to pretend this isn’t affecting me; that he’s not affecting me, as he moves his head and I feel his breath on my skin.
He kisses my throat and I feel the tip of his tongue lick the hollow between my breasts, then he blows where he touched. Goosebumps break out on my skin.
“I’m going to suck these sweet tits someday soon Shanna. Don’t test me.”
“Yeah, keep telling yourself that. You and every other man in here can think about my sweet tits all night. You can look but you can’t touch Masters. I’m my own woman. No one tells me what to do in my own goddamn bar. Now get your meaty hands off me before I have Federico haul your ass out.”
He laughs low in his throat while one thumb massages the soft skin under my wrist. As he rubs back and forth, I just know it’s the same stroke he uses when rubbing his woman.
My lips fall open.
I feel myself weakening.
The tingle grows between my thighs… an image of this beast of a man touching me fills my head.
“Know this Shanna—I will be your master. I’m going to tell you to drop to your knees and take me into your mouth—and you’re going do it. You’ve taken this too far. Dressing like this, putting your ripe body on display. You’ve waved the flag in front of the wrong bull, sweetheart. I’m seeing red…  and your sweet naked body under mine.”
I jerk back, but he holds me fast. My heart’s pounding as the images of him doing all this to me makes me terrified of my own feelings. If any other man said this to me I’d smack the shit out of them.  
I rub my legs together feeling the stickiness between them. Gasping, I throw my head back as he pours his shot of bourbon down my neck and drinks it off my body. A puddle pools, hitting my bra and I moan when his long tongue swirls down to lap and licks every last drop off my skin.
I vaguely hear the cat-calls behind me.
I’ve lost the battle but now need to win the war.
I’ve never lost control or show any outward sign of weakness, but Duke Masters has just destroyed in two minutes what it took me two years to build.
“Dick,” I whisper.
“Yes, I plan on filling you with my dick baby and you know what? You are going to love every inch of it.”
He finally pulls back, releasing my hands and leans back in his seat.
“Get the fuck out of my bar.” I hiss.


“Not a chance sweetheart.”

Jax Hart: Singer, a songwriter, living creatively through art. Dirty Romance author from the great state of Washington. Duke is his first full-length novel. He generally hates most people, plays the bass guitar, and enjoys camping trips with his son.