NEW RELEASE & REVIEW!! ~ Want You by Stacy Finz

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The smart and sexy Garner brothers have turned Glory Junction into California’s hottest extreme sports town—and a thrilling adventure of the heart is always part of the deal . . .

The savvy CEO behind his family’s outdoor sporting empire, TJ Garner has his choice of women. But the only one he wants is way out of bounds. Deb Bennett has been his brother Win’s on and off girl since they were teenagers. And Deb’s still waiting for Win to quit fooling around and realize she’s The One . . .

Deb carves the ski slopes and rides the rapids like a champion—it’s getting her every day life in order that’s the real challenge. When she turns to Win’s big brother for financial advice, TJ spontaneously offers the hard-working waitress an executive job at Garner Adventure. To Deb’s surprise, the job is a blast—and so is working for TJ. She always knew he was a heartthrob, just like all the Garners, but he’s charming and attentive too. Of course, given the choice between him and Win there’s no contest—or is there? . . .

I’ll admit that as good as the description of Want You sounded, I had my reservations about the whole brothers sharing a girl thing. But pretty early on you, as the reader, get the right end of the stick while TJ and the whole damn town have it all twisted up in their heads.

Deb has been in an on-again off-again relationship with the Garner baby of the family, Win. But it was never some grand love story, it was two friends, two people who shared a lack of ambition…seemingly. But her heart really belonged to the responsible older brother, TJ. It is this tie, this bond, that is the jumping off point for Want You.

I really liked this story. A lot! Deb and TJ were great and frustrating. They were strong and awkward, a little ridiculous at times and…did I mention frustrating? But despite that, they were a fun time. The story didn’t need to be as long as it was, but for the most part it was nonstop enjoyment.

I loved the small town vibe and the real world problems that existed. This isn’t your fairytale billionaire romance, nope, this is two people with real world problems who manage to find something great while dealing with them. All of them. Stacy Finz could have turned this story into an angst-fest and I am truly grateful that she didn’t.

The tone of the story was perfect for what it was, and the addition of Win’s drama just gave the story more depth. And extra points to Finz for not going the obvious route after Win’s drama played out. I’ve read a few stories by this author and she does small towns and everyday life…beautifully.

I’m looking forward to the next Garner brother’s story!


The Garner Brothers series:
Need You
Want You
Love You ~ coming July 2017


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