BOOK REVIEW!! ~ Easy Bake Lovin’ by Maggie Wells

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A straight-laced single dad just may discover he has a sweet tooth . . . 
Mike Simmons had it all—until his perfect wife turned his perfectly ordered life upside down by leaving him and their two children. Now Mike’s struggling with the chaos of juggling his career as a security consultant with being a divorced single dad. It’s no surprise he’s not entirely comfortable with the anatomically correct treats their new client, Getta Piece Bakery, offers. And he doesn’t mind letting the client know it.

Free-spirited and spunky, baker extraordinaire Georgie Walters is about as far from a soccer mom type as you can get. She owes a lot of her success to the bachelorettes who have a special appreciation for her creations. But as Mike stands in her tiny shop nervous, but clearly intrigued, Georgie has to admit the guy is beautiful when he’s wound up tight. In fact, she finds she can’t resist getting a rise out of him. When she hires him to take care of her security needs—she gets so much more in the bargain. Now, her challenge is to teach him to look beyond the candy coating to all the warmth she has inside . . .

Easy Bake Lovin’ is a fun story with two flawed people. Mike is a former serviceman with two adorable kids and a ton of baggage. Georgie is an erotic baker—yep you heard me—with a trust fund. Or she will have a trust fund in a few more months. For now she had to toe the family line, show up when she was needed to help them look like the political dynasty they wanted the world to see. I loved Georgie with her vibrant colored hair, her funky sense of fashion and her ability to make a big tough security like Mike, blush. She was fantastic.

Together, they were really good. Sure, there were times when I wanted to grab Mike by his solid shoulders and shake the hell out of him, but that’s because he is such a man. Sparing with the words and heavy on the actions.

I didn’t LOVE this story but I did have a good time with it. I’m glad that her family and his, didn’t get a chance to ruin their relationship or the story. I especially liked Georgie’s brother, who wasn’t nearly as awful as her mom, but her mom didn’t hold a candle to Mike’s sister. She was a trainwreck and a bitch.

Overall, Easy Bake Lovin’ was a fun read and I’d really enjoy reading the next story by Maggie Wells.


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