BOOK REVIEW! ~ That Unexpected Kiss by Tamara Ferguson

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FBI Agent Dylan Nash is in Wisconsin searching for his father’s killer. While working undercover as a game warden in the town of Crystal Rock, he meets special education teacher Julie Thompson, and he’s immediately attracted. But the problem with that? Not only does Julie work in Colorado, but she’s involved with another man.

While visiting her hometown, Julie and Dylan become friends, but she’s devastated to learn he’s dating her best friend Kate.

A few years later, when a teaching position opens at the new Crystal Visions school for children with disabilities, Julie accepts the job and moves back home

Learning that a series of misunderstandings has kept them apart, Dylan finally confesses his feelings, claiming Julie with an unexpected kiss.

But twenty years ago, Dylan’s father was killed and Julie’s mother disappeared. Julie is obsessed with discovering the truth, and Dylan wants justice. When clues link her mother’s twenty-year-old disappearance to the man who shot his father, can Dylan keep Julie safe from a vicious predator?



That Unexpected Kiss is the story of Julie and Dylan, a special education teacher and an FBI agent. Dylan fell in love with Julie pretty much the moment he met her but circumstances in their geographical locations and a pretty big misunderstanding they didn’t end up going on a single date in the beginning. But time has a way of changing things and Tamara Ferguson did a great job of building up that earlier anticipation because you know they’re going to meet and have a good time but when and how is anybody’s guess! When you add in the mystery of who killed Dylan’s father and the disappearance of Julie’s mother, you have a well rounded story with lots of heart and plenty of suspense.

I have to say that as enjoyable as That Unexpected Kiss was, it did take a while before I was interested enough to read a few chapters without stopping. But once I was into the story there was no stopping, no going back. Not at least until after the mystery was solved, the curtain fell and the happy ending commenced. Tamara Ferguson really excelled at blending the romance and family with the mystery which meant the book felt like what it was instead of half romance and half suspense. I was pleasantly surprised by the story of Julie and Dylan, and intrigued by the mystery until the very end.

Crystal Rock was a great little small town with plenty of heart and character. The chemistry with Dylan and Julie was a simmering heat that they dealt with all while dealing with every other obstacle life threw in their way. A fun, solid read by a new to me author that I highly recommend.

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