NEW RELEASE!!! ~ In This Life by Cora Brent

Title: In This Life
Author: Cora Brent
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 15, 2018

In This Life is an emotionally satisfying read featuring two flawed characters who aren’t nearly as bad as they think. Kathleen was the town prodigy, the girl most likely go out there and kick life’s ass. But things tend to get in the way, for her it was getting pregnant and dropping out of school to raise her adorable little daughter Emma. But never one to let life get her down, Kat makes it work.

Then there’s Nash. Sexy, brooding, grumpy Nash. After finding his father banging the girl he wanted for himself, Nash left town and never came back. At least until a wildfire took the life of his father and stepmother, leaving him sole guardian of his little brother.

In This Life had so many elements that I loved. The geeky girl all grown up, stunning and doesn’t know it. The single parents helping each other out and watching it develop into more. The adorably precocious kids and of course, the sexy but out of his depth new parent. Watching their friendship develop was beautiful but watching it turn to something more for two people who’d been through so much was just fantastic and satisfying!

Kat and Nash were a little hard on themselves, I think. I understood their secrets and why they kept them and never once did I feel the urge to judge them for their decisions. There wasn’t much conflict, for which I was grateful, and the ending left me all warm and fuzzy.



Things I know about Nash Ryan: 
Wickedly hot.
Probably not the kind of man anyone should trust with an infant.
Definitely not the kind of man any woman should trust with her heart.
When Nash returned to town for the sake of his baby brother I thought I already understood who he was. 
I also thought I was done giving my heart away until he proved otherwise.
But we don’t stand a chance. 
Everything is ready to unravel.
And the secrets I’ve kept will be our undoing.
This isn’t the first time I’ve known tragedy. 
Maybe that’s why I’ve chosen to remain alone. 
But my life of solitude ends now because a terrible twist of fate has made me
the guardian of my four-month-old brother. 
Suddenly I’ve got a kid to raise and a family business to save and there’s no time for anything else. 
That’s why Kathleen Doyle and I made this arrangement. 
Once a skinny nerd girl who used to follow me around everywhere, she’s now a single mom with flaming hair, a killer body and too many responsibilities. 
We told each other it was just sex. 
We told each other there were no strings attached, no expectations. 
We lied. 
And the consequences will cost us. 
But I’m not surrendering this new family without a battle. 
Because in this life we might only get one chance to have it all.
We told each other there were no strings attached, no expectations. 


We lied. 


And the consequences will cost us.
But no matter what’s at stake I have no intention of giving up on this family.
Because in this life we might only have once chance to get it right…



Cora Brent was born in a cold climate and escaped as soon as it was legally possible. Now, she lives in the desert with her husband, two kids and a prickly pear cactus she has affectionately named ‘Spot’. Cora’s closet is filled with boxes of unfinished stories that date back her 1980’s childhood and all her life she has dreamed of being an author. Amazingly, she is now a New York Times and USA Today bestselling writer of contemporary romance and begs not to be awakened from this dream.




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