HAPPY RELEASE DAY & REVIEW!! ~ White Knight by Annie Dyer

Title: White Knight
Series: Callaghan Green Series Book Two
Author: Annie Dyer
Genre: Contemporary Romance Standalone
Release Date: June 1, 2018
Back then things were simple, being together was easy and exciting. Back then, their only concern was keeping their relationship secret from her brothers. Until she had a choice to make; the hardest decision she ever had to face. 
Claire Callaghan has dedicated her adult life to two things: her career as a family lawyer and trying to move on from the love she had to give up. Killian O’Hara has spent years fighting for his country, growing his business, and trying to forget how it ended back then, all the while wondering why Claire took herself out of his life, breaking his heart. 
But fate has a funny way of bringing the past into the present.
Claire’s latest case puts her in danger, not just from the man who her client needs to hide from, but from the man she’s had to leave behind. Killian can protect her, if she’ll let him, because being close to him reopens old wounds. All he wants is to try again, to prove he’s the man she needs and maybe an explanation.
However, even choices made long ago have consequences, and only Claire can decide if she can give both Killian and herself a second chance at the happily ever after they never had – back then.
White Knight is the second in the Callaghan Green series. Each book is a standalone and can be read separately from the others.

White Knight is an intriguing second chance romance filled with steam and a big loud boisterous family. I mean, how is a girl ever going to fall in love with four big brothers around? And when the object of your affection is one of those big brothers’ best friend…things get really tricky!
Claire left Killian and she didn’t tell him why, effectively breaking both of their hearts and forcing them to move into adulthood without each other. But Killian is still around and when weird things start to happen, he’s the one right there to protect her.
I liked White Knight but I didn’t love it. Usually I love big families and they were great here but just a bit overbearing. I love all the meddling and all that but I really dislike it when older brothers think they have any right over another sibling’s love life. Maybe it’s because i have no older brothers but I didn’t like that aspect much.
I did however LOVE Killian and Claire. I liked how the author made us and them work for the love story and the ending. It made a much more satisfying read.  Annie Dyer is a new author to me, but I’d read her again!


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