BOOK TOUR & REVIEW!!! ~ Envelop Me by Dana Arden

Title: Envelop Me 
Author: Dana Arden
Genre: Contemporary Romance 18+

Publication Date: May 31, 2018

“This Author just keeps getting better. Envelope Me is a great book.” ~Amazon Review


“Must read 10 stars” ~Amazon Review

After the death of my parents, I learned life was way shorter than anyone could’ve predicted. I found myself lost in writing my dreams and fantasies down on paper until I published my first book.
Then reality smacked me in the face when I caught the one man I’d planned to spend my future with giving his secretary a cavity check. Cue in bat-sh*t crazy girlfriend.
When I thought my life was taking a turn, all it took was one phone call to put it in a different direction.
Living life to the fullest has always been our family’s motto. Cancer wore heavily for a few years, but we never let that dampen our spirits because my father would have never wanted that, but the bills that piled up sent me on a new path in my life…cover modeling.
At the beginning, it was an ego boost to be on so many authors’ covers. Eventually, it fizzled into wanting more out of my life.
I found more in Angel, but outside our bubble there was one person who didn’t want to see us succeed.

In Envelop Me we meet Angel and Carter. Angel is an erotic romance writer and homebody while Carter is a personal trainer with a side hustle as a romance book cover model, all because his mom needs some extra help. It’s clear that these two are going to butt heads because at first Carter seems pretty vain and shallow and we know they’ve crossed paths before so I was excited to see what would happen.

Angel won me over pretty much from the beginning because she goes through something no one but your worst enemy ever should, and she doesn’t let it define her. Much. Carter took a little longer to warm up to because he’s that kind of douchey guy who is ONLY good to look at. From a distance.

As their friendship develops during an event in New York, we get to learn a lot more about each of them, what makes them tick and why they might be such a douche. But the chemistry was there pretty early on so I was hopeful Carter would do something to become worthy of Angel…and he does at least in this reader’s opinion.

In addition to the main characters, Envelop Me has a fun case of secondary players who were hilarious, crazy and desperately in need of their own books. This was a good, funny read. Perfect for a lazy Sunday or a day at the beach.


Dana Arden is a romance author and an avid reader, as well as a mom to four
children. She is originally from Virginia, but moved to North Carolina in 2009. Her children are her muses when it comes to her books that have children involved. Who funnier to get little snippets from than from the mouth of babes.
This has been an adventure and she hopes to continue it with more stories in the future.



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