COVER REVEAL & EXCERPT!!! ~ Emilia: Part 2 by Lisa Cardiff

Title: Emilia: Part 2
Series: Trassato Crime Family #4
Author: Lisa Cardiff
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: July 24, 2018
Cover Design: Deranged Doctor Design
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
I’m the head of the Masciantonio family. I’m a dangerous, ruthless, unforgiving man, and I know how to fight dirty. 
Fate put Emilia Trassato in my path. I saw a future with her—I saw hope. But she didn’t agree, and I let her walk away. 
Now she’s back, but I’m no longer free to claim her. Yet, the minute our eyes meet I know there’s nothing in this entire goddamn world strong enough to keep me from her. 
She’s the only woman I’ve ever wanted, and I don’t care how many promises I have to break, or how many lives I have to destroy…I’m not letting her go. Not again. 
Because this time…she’s mine.

“I don’t walk into any situation without doing my research. I don’t like to be blindsided.”
I winced. “Except by me.”
“I knew your father wanted something to happen between you and Sal. I knew you thought you were in love with him.”
“Then why didn’t you confront my dad or me?”
“Would it have mattered?”
I thought about my frame of mind in the month before I took off. I was so focused on Sal and evading my father, I didn’t see what was right in front of my face until the very end. By that time, my emotions were all over the place and I couldn’t think clearly. Running seemed like the only option. “No.”
“I didn’t think so.”
His attention adjusted to my bright red mouth and a wave of dizziness moved through me. My belly knotted into a jumble of attraction, nervousness, and fear. I didn’t have a clue whether it was his heady scent or the alcohol still in my system, but an inexplicable prodding force implored me to kiss him. While I wanted to blame it on the fact that it had been over a year since anyone’s lips had touched mine, I knew better.
I angled my upper body closer to him, halving the distance between us until his mouth was only a hairsbreadth from mine. My lips tingled with the need to seize the moment, and God forgive me but I wanted him so bad if only to remember why he held me captive from the second my eyes landed on his the night of our engagement party.
I gathered my courage and slid my fingers across his lips. “Do you ever wonder what it would’ve been like if I hadn’t left? Would there still be this pull between us?”
“Fuck. Fuck, Emilia. This isn’t…” He stopped mid-sentence and angled his body backward, his attention focused over my head. “Don’t mistake me accompanying you here for wanting you again. I made a promise to your grandfather. That’s all this is about. Whatever we did or didn’t have is long gone. You moved on and I followed your lead,” he barked, peering at the simple silver band on my hand. I had no clue why I hadn’t taken it off. It didn’t mean anything and maybe it never had.
After spending years practicing law and running a real estate development company with her husband, Lisa decided to pursue her dream of becoming a writer and she must confess that inventing characters is so much more fun than writing contracts and legal briefs. A native of Colorado, she lives with her husband and three children in Denver.



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