BOOK REVIEW!!! ~ Wish I Might by Kait Nolan

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An heiress in hiding…
For graphic designer Cecily Dixon, building a successful life on her own terms, independent of her family’s name and wealth, has been an all-important goal. That’s why she followed her boss to tiny Wishful, Mississippi. While she’s fallen in love with the town and the work being done to bring it back to life, her internship is over and it’s time to take the next power-house step in her career…somewhere else.

A bookstore in trouble…
Reed Campbell is Wishful born and bred. He loves his small town life, and it suits him just fine. When he needs help breathing life into his struggling bookstore, the brilliant and sexy Cecily is the last person he expects to volunteer. Since one chemistry-fueled summer weekend, she’s been giving him the cold shoulder, and he can’t figure out how he blew it.

A romance with an expiration date…
Working together will start the thaw, but they both know the clock is ticking and Cecily will be moving on. Or will she? Wishful is just the right size for Reed, but can he convince Cecily that his small town can support her big dreams?

Sometimes in romance novels there’s this “thing” where the hero and heroine never really talk out their problems, especially in cases like Cecily & Reed’s in Wish I MightUsually we have to wait until the seventy to eighty percent mark before they finally remove their heads from their butts and talk about it.

That is not my favorite “thing”.

Luckily Kait Nolan has come through once again! The reader finds out early what Reed said to make Cecily put the kibosh on their budding romance. Because you see, Cecily has a big fat secret that Reed doesn’t know–luckily we find out pretty early–and his words made her doubt their future.

I really liked Reed and Cecily. They were both very likable and I enjoyed the fact that the drama of the story was how they would make their relationship work with her future plans. There was no contrived drama, no big bad villain, just a damn good time back in old Wishful, MS. Wish I Might is a fun and steamy romantic novella and it was, as usual, a fast but really good read.

I didn’t give this story a full five stars because Cecily paid too much attention to what her family thought about her. Not that it wasn’t important, but it’s just an annoying trait that I don’t find relatable or endearing.






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