BOOK REVIEW!!! ~ Blue Bayou by Jiffy Kate

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The road to self-discovery leads Maverick Kensington deep into the heart of New Orleans. The colorful characters, beautiful scenery and a hot mess of a woman he finds along the way offer him the perfect place to reinvent himself.

The French Quarter and Blue Bayou are exactly the change of pace he’s looking for, helping him escape the soul-sucking work he does for his father’s company.

Carys Matthews is young and inexperienced. Having her family’s hotel dropped in her lap after her mother’s untimely death, she’s struggling to keep her head above water and keep the hotel’s doors open. She doesn’t have time for relationships, but Maverick Kensington is worth an exception. Besides, his stay is temporary and a fling never hurt anyone, right?

His passion and business know-how is exactly what she needs.

Her carefree spirit is what he wants.

Their whirlwind relationship is one for the books until truths are untold and assumptions are made. Everything comes to a screeching halt just when they were getting to the good part.

There’s always been a saying around the hotel: eventually, everyone comes back to the Blue Bayou. Will Maverick be the exception?

I have to admit that I had a love-hate relationship with Blue Bayouinitially. It’s no secret that stories written in first person are not my favorite and so it usually takes me a few tries to really get into it when I’ve committed to reviewing a book.

But get into it, I did!

Well first there’s the whole Big Easy thing. I mean it’s one of my top 5 favorite American cities so that was a big fat check in the plus column. New Orleans, in this reader’s opinion, is a character unto itself, adding more color and depth into just about every story and Blue Bayou was no exception in that regard. Now…Maverick and Carys.

She is a young-ish boutique hotel owner, a responsibility that was thrust into her but one in which she is trying to hold down. But, Carys was a beautiful hot mess and I really enjoyed getting to know her. I love a heroine who doesn’t quit when it comes to something other than romance and Carys had that in spades. And Maverick was, well he was the boy next door. The incredibly hot boy next door, but still.

Mav came with his own set of problems, stemming from trying to be someone he isn’t to impress someone who will never–ever–be impressed. I could have done without the father stuff because those storylines sometimes bore me, but somehow Jiffy Kate made it work.

Blue Bayou is light and predictable but it is refreshing and made so damn enjoyable by Carys and Mav. I wasn’t sure how I would rate this story at first but I let it sit with me for a couple days and it marinated and when I looked back at my notes I realized that I liked it more than I thought I did when I got to the last page.

Thanks ladies, for a taste of New Orleans while I’m off trotting the globe!



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