NEW RELEASE & REVIEW!!! ~ All the Right Moves by Becca Taylor

Title: All The Right Moves
Author: Becca Taylor
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Release Date: October 13, 2018

Being called the worst boyfriend can do a number on a man’s ego. 


But I handled it the way any full-grown adult male would—by eating copious amounts of carbs and wallowing over whether I was good enough.


I admit, it wasn’t the best of moments, but it made me realize I needed answers to the question, what are women looking for inside and out of the bedroom?
After I researched the subject, I compiled my data into a solution.
Thirty days. 

Thirty right moves.
But I needed to test out my newfound theories, and my best friend, Tenley, was going to help. 


It was a foolproof plan. 
We would date and act like a real couple, all in the name of research. And when the thirty days were up, we would go back to being just friends. 

Piece of cake, right?
Only, I forgot to take into consideration the multiple outcomes. Specifically, the one where it left me wanting more and refusing to go back to what we were… ever again.

Becca Taylor is a new-to-me author but when I was offered the chance to review this, I thought the synopsis sounded hilarious and All The Right Moves did not disappoint. First, this was a fun little twist on the whole break up story because it was Preston, the guy, who was the dumpee. His latest ex-girlfriend, Chanel number nine (which never stops being funny, by the way) not only dumps him but leaves him a list of things that make him a bad boyfriend. So he goes to his bestie, Tenley, and indulges in Cheetos and beer, which is exactly what a best friend is for…even if she hated said ex-girlfriend.
To me, the best part of All The Right Moves was the friendship between Tenley and Preston. I loved that he stood up for her against his ex and that they were close enough that he could ask a pretty impossible favor to help make sure he really is a good boyfriend.
I mean, what could possibly go wrong when two people who’ve been friends forever start acting like a couple? And lovers? Well not only is it funny but its hot too. Super hot, because if you can’t be comfortable with your bestie, who can you be?
I’m glad the story had drama because all good stories do, but I’m equally glad that Becca Taylor chose to keep it light-ish and appropriate for the story. So yeah, I’m a fan of this book and I think of Ms. Taylor too.


“Not only entertaining but has lots of sweet, endearing and funny moments. – Chasing the Words Book Blog


I couldn’t stop until I had read every last word.” – Danielle


“A great way to escape over the weekend.” – Erika, Book Haven Book Blog



Becca Taylor dived headfirst into the world of writing in 2015. As a child, she explored writing songs. As a teen, she wrote poetry until she found a love of all things romance.
One night, a dream turned into an idea. An idea turned into a chapter. A chapter turned into a novel and a new adventure began.



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