NEW RELEASE & REVIEW!!! ~ On The Mend by Tina Gallagher

Title: On the Mend
Series: Carolina Waves Series
Author: Tina Gallagher
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 14, 2018
Ten years have passed since Dan broke Sabrina’s heart and crushed her faith in men. Now he wants her back, but how will he get her to see beyond his old playboy persona to appreciate the man he’s become?
After a serious injury, professional baseball player, Dan McMullen, requests that Sabrina Kelly, a physical therapist specializing in sports medicine, take charge of his therapy. Considering their history, Sabrina is hesitant to take the assignment, but decides to do so to further her career. 
Day after day, Dan tries to convince Sabrina he’s not the same jerk he used to be, but Sabrina can’t forget how he’d hurt her in the past. Just when she thinks he might have changed, something happens to confirm her negative image of him. Eventually Sabrina gives in to his charm and they begin a physical relationship, but she guards the heart Dan had broken so many years ago. Before they have a chance at a real relationship, Sabrina must stop living in the past and judge Dan by his actions of today, not those of yesterday.

Oh Dan and Sabrina. Dan was a cocky college kid who believed some crazy nonsense his dad had drilled into him over the years which means of course he used that nonsense to justify his own crappy behavior. That same said behavior cost him the woman he loved. Sabrina.

For ten long years.

Sabrina, as you can imagine, isn’t quite as over it as maybe she should be a decade later. It screwed with her ability to trust which means that when Dan needs her, she’s unfortunately available.

On The Mend is one of those stories that you like no matter how much it frustrates you. I liked this story, I truly did but I just couldn’t forgive Dan which means it kind of colored everything for me throughout the story. I LOVED Lexi, she was so fun and sassy and precocious that I understood instantly how Sabrina fell in love with the little girl. She was incredible and so well written I could almost see her.

Dan and Sabrina were good together, I could see that with no problem even though I don’t feel they spent enough time together in the book. I liked Dan and thought he was a good man but I still didn’t forgive him for his callous words all those years ago. And yeah, I know, people can change over the years and I believed he did. Mostly. I don’t want to give anything away because On The Mend really is worth the read, let’s just say that Sabrina asked some really good questions and I wasn’t satisfied with his answers.

I wanted her to get what she wanted but I wished it wasn’t Dan.

And since I had such a reaction to this story, I’m pleased to say Tina Gallagher did her job and she did it well.


I still can’t believe that at some point today Sabrina Kelly and I will be in the same room together for the first time in ten years. My thoughts are scattering in so many directions, I’m not sure which one to focus on first. Not a day has gone by in the last decade that I haven’t thought about her, wanted to reach out to her, but it was never the right time. Or maybe I was just a coward.
Busting my knee may keep me off the field this season, but it’s also given me the chance I needed to get Sabrina into my life again. After my team-assigned therapist and I had a difference of opinion on my rehab, I grabbed the opportunity to contact the rehabilitation center Sabrina works for and set things in motion. Her manager, Jodi, was more than willing to do whatever necessary to make me a client. Without getting into detail, I told her that Sabrina probably wouldn’t be happy with the assignment, but Jodi assured me she’d take care of everything.
Maybe the fact that Sabrina agreed to do this means that she’s forgiven me. Or maybe it just means Jodi made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. Either way, I’m going to do everything I can to make her mine again.


Tina Gallagher wears many hats. She’s a wife, mother, author, and editor…and that doesn’t even include her day job.
As a tween, she and her best friend would create their own happily ever afters for their favorite soap opera couples. Eventually the soap operas lost their appeal, but the writing never did. 
After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Tina worked a spectrum of jobs ranging from baking and cake decorating to marketing and project management. But her true passion is writing. In between her day job and spending time with her family, she manages to fit in time to write the fun, sexy romance novels she loves so much.
Tina lives in Northeast Pennsylvania with her husband and two children.


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