Romance Book Review ~ Win My Heart by Lauren Helms



When it comes to gaming,
I’m a pro.
When it comes to my love life?
That’s a different story.
I’ve been crushing on my best friend’s older brother forever.
In return, he’s kept me in the friend zone for way too long.
Then things change between us.
And I get to see a whole new,
And incredibly sexy side to him.
But, he wants to keep things between us a secret.


I made a promise to my brother.
One I refused to break.
Until now.
I’ve ignored my feelings for the girl for way too long.
And the more time we spend together,
The harder I find myself falling.
There’s just one problem,
I can’t let anyone know that I’ve made her mine.
Can I win her heart before its game-over for us both?

Gamer Girl Romance

I enjoyed the story of Bernie, a fun and beautiful professional gamer girl and Wade, one of her best friend’s brothers. Clearly they’ve been pining after each other for a good long while but they never made a move, him for good reasons and her because of his reasons.

I liked Bernie right off the bat. She was fun and funny and seemed secure in who she was as a woman. Mostly. And that is perhaps what I liked most about her, she changed over the course of the story, maturing and becoming more confident in herself as a woman, a friend and a romantic partner.

Wade, well he seemed hot as hell so what’s not to like there? Add on top of that the non-profit work and yeah, he’s getting yummier by the page. BUT Wade let a silly pact dictate his life for years. YEARS! He’s a little too old for that but it was a nice and low-key way to introduce drama that didn’t take away from the story.

Together they were good but if I’m being honest many of the side characters made a bigger and more enjoyable impression on me as a reader. It was a good story definitely worth a read.

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