New Release & Review! ~ Stirred Up by a SEAL by Kait Nolan


Can a SEAL without a mission and a widowed baker help each other learn to live again?

Jonah Ferguson never wanted to be anything but a Navy SEAL. But after an injury sidelines his military career, he finds himself back home in small-town Tennessee. Opening a bakery with his best friends and daring to re-imagine his life is a whole new mission, but his biggest challenge yet is sticking to the friend zone with the woman who helped give him new purpose.

Two years after losing her husband to a traumatic brain injury, baker Rachel McCleary needs a change. With the proceeds from the sale of her business, she’s exploring what a new life would look like. For the short-term, it means helping one of her former students make his fledgling business thrive. And hopefully adding some benefits to the friendship that helped bring her back to life.

All Rachel wants is temporary, and that’s the one thing Jonah can give her. But when the trouble that’s stalked his business from the start lands her in its crosshairs–and the hospital–he can’t deny that there’s nothing short-term about his feelings. Determined to protect her at all costs, he enters into a dangerous race to neutralize the threat before it torpedoes everything he holds dear.

Bad Boy Bakers Book 3 – Stirred Up by a SEAL
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What can I say about Jonah and Rachel other than I love them? I have, so far, loved all the couples in Kait Nolan’s Bad Boy Bakers series for different reasons but Jonah is my favorite.

He and Rachel have a long friendship where they saw each other through some pretty dark times, strictly platonic, of course. Except for all that simmering heat & chemistry just below the surface.

Starting with a kiss at a wedding, Stirred Up by a SEAL picks up with Jonah and Rachel in the aftermath of that kiss. She’s a widow who’s ready to move on with her life and he’s a former SEAL who isn’t sure he has much life left to give her which just makes him one of those hot, stubborn men that you might need to give a swift kick in the pants.

So much happens in this story and I loved it. Normally romantic suspense isn’t my favorite but Kait Nolan did a good job making sure it didn’t turn silly or ridiculous. The Bad Boy Bakers are all certified heroes who will do whatever is necessary to protect what matters to them and Jonah takes that up by about a million percent and I love him for it. But, like Rachel, sometimes I wanted to throttle him.

This is a grown up love story that burns for a while, simmers before it builds to the fireworks you know are coming. I can’t wait to see what comes of the epilogue…both of’em!

Stirred Up by a SEAL gets 5 super chilled martinis!!!


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