Romance Book Review ~ Wilder Presley Says He Loves Me by Winter Travers

Title: Wilder Presley Says He Loves Me
Author: Winter Travers
Release: October 1, 2022
Genre: Small Town Romance


From Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestseller Winter Travers comes a small town romantic comedy that will have you laughing and swooning all at the same time.

Nine years ago, Shelby Lyn told Wilder Presley she loved him. Wilder hopped in his red SUV, and left without a word or a goodbye.

Now, Wilder is back looking as fine as the fireworks on the fourth of July lighting up the Jefferson county sky, and he’s here to stay.

Shelby always knew that Wilder was out of her league. He was the popular country boy who was loved and adored by everyone while Shelby was the shy, quiet girl who was invisible to everyone.

It shouldn’t matter that Wilder is back, but he just pulled into Shelby Lyn’s driveway, and he’s got something to say…

After nine years in the big city, Wilder Presley returns to his small hometown and immediately gets to work on his reasons for returning, starting with helping the town thrive without losing its small town charm. But the biggest reason of all? His secret friend who accidentally revealed her feelings for him just before he skedaddled out of town, never to return. Well, nine years to return.

Shelby Lyn is, well she is pretty adorkable. She is a bit of a mess but she’s a loveable mess and that makes her incredibly endearing. Shelby Lyn is the secret friend and seeing Wilder again, while not looking her best, tells us pretty much everything we need to know about her. She’s a good girl, a good friend and makes killer wreaths. She is the epitome of small town-ness.

Together, Shelby and Wilder were fun. He’s confident in all ways except when it comes to Shelby Lyn but he hides it better. She’s hilarious because of all that things that accidentally come out of her mouth. I enjoyed their story and thought it came together nicely.

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