Romance Book Review: Too Complicated by Ajme Williams


I’m in love with the man that was hired to keep tabs on me.
Turns out, I’m the one keeping tabs now because he’s my neighbor

…and he’s hot!

I was still able to think straight until I found out Noel had a son.
All my common sense went out the window when I watched him care for the kid.
The kid that his psycho ex just left at his door.

Yes, the last thing Noel wanted was another relationship.
And the last thing I wanted was heartbreak.

So I made a deal with myself that I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep.
Three words were all I needed to remember: No strings attached.
I was prepared for everything except… the two pink lines on a stick.

Noel was about to be a father again.
Was the hot single billionaire ready for another shock of his life?

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Too Complicated is the perfect name for Harper and Noel’s story because from the very beginning everything was just…complicated. They liked each other, hated each other and most of all, they were intensely attracted to one another. Explosive is a good way to describe things between them, which would normally be fine.

Except he’s got a new baby he’s fallen in love with, but said baby won’t stop crying.

Except she’s moved out of the city for a quieter life, to get some focus and direction in her current socialite lifestyle.

Neither of them want or need what the other isn’t actually offering, which makes it all so delicious.

I really enjoyed how they both misjudged each other right from the beginning and at times, it was comical just how wrong they were which just goes to show what a bad idea it is to judge a person by their outer shell. He thought she was a spoiled heiress and he wasn’t wrong. She thought he was a dangerous mercenary which he was. Kind of, on both counts.

I loved watching them fight and then fall into bed, or on a table together and it was just enough back and forth that I didn’t get annoyed with either of them. There’s a little bit of intrigue thrown in, which breaks up the romance and made Too Complicated a good time.

There were a few glaring spelling and grammar errors but not enough to steal my enjoyment of Noel & Harper’s love story.


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