Book Review!!! ~ Cherish (The Broadway Series) by Allie York


Title: Cherish
Author: Allie York
Release Date: 11/15/2022
Publisher: Self-Published
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Series: The Broadway Series, Book 5



Okay, maybe running away from my family and moving cross country with my boyfriend was a bad idea. A really bad idea.

For two years I let a man dull my shine and to leave me beaten and broken until I couldn’t take any more.

With a new life growing inside me, I know it’s time for me to go back home, even if my family never forgives me for the hurt I have caused.

The last thing I’m looking for is for someone to save, especially when I’m trying to save myself.

But something about Beck pulls me in.


I’m a horrible person. I know it and so does everyone else.

Everyday it gets harder to dull the pain and forget the past.

After waking up in a seedy hotel with a woman I don’t even recognize, I’m sure my life isn’t even worth it any more.

I’m just about to end it all when my salvation stumbles into my lap.

Meredith has every reason to push me away. But, I’m determined to prove to her (and myself) that I am the better man.

Meredith and Beck are quite a fun pair. He’s no good. He knows it and everybody else knows it too, and they aren’t keen to let him forget it. Meredith is broken. She’s been beaten, and worse, and when she returns home none of her family is too eager to let her forget it either.

But somehow, from the first moment they met, there’s this instant connection. Beck wants to be better, to be worthy of her. Meredith wants the bad boy she sees wrapped up in a good guy packaging. They want each other and that much is obvious, so watching their love story unfold is just a good time.

We get to see Jovie and Cori and plenty of the other people from the previous Broadway books and it’s in general a fun time. I hated what Meredith had to go through but I loved that she wasn’t letting it hold her back or preventing her from finding happiness where she could when the world had delivered her such a crap sandwich.

Let’s not forget seeing Beck become a better person. What’s hotter than that?

This was a wonderful and fun series with lots of serious moment, tons of love and some truly great friendships.

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About Allie York 

I’m a mom, wife, and dog groomer by day. At night I write contemporary romance. I love funny dog videos, I read naughty books, and drink too much coffee.

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