Romance Book Review!! ~ Just A Sham by Ajme Williams


When fake vows turn into real feelings, there’ll be hell to pay.

Ethan went from being a perfect stranger… to my boss… to my fake husband… and then…
My baby daddy.

Let me backup just a little.

All I asked for was a job, not one-hundred thousand dollars in exchange for being his fake wife for six months.
Of course, I couldn’t resist the offer.
One-hundred thousand had a nice ring to it.
But heartbreak… didn’t.
Not that I thought it would ever lead to a heartbreak.
Despite the way Ethan made my pulse quicken.
I would go numb every time he touched me and pulled me close.

But then reality would hit me right in the head.
It was all fake.
The vows. The future. Everything.
He would divorce me right after getting control of his company.
He found out that he was not only my fake husband but also my real baby daddy!

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I really enjoyed reading this story. Ethan and Lucy couldn’t be more different if they tried but the moment they meet, the sparks FLY! He is an uptight executive deadest on fulfilling the potential his father never reached. She is just trying to get by and find a way to make a living doing her art.

A small lie turns into hot nights and that’s when everything changes for the better.

Just A Sham is a fun and sexy read. There is lots of steam. Lots. Ethan and Lucy can’t seem to get enough of each other, but between the sexy times there is so much more. Ethan is sweet and generous when he allows himself to take a break from his laser focus on his future goals. Lucy brings fun and color and a different perspective into his life that he sorely needs.

Together they are unstoppable, but Ethan just can’t get away from pursuing his one goal, to lead his family’s company.

Kate was a great side character, providing humor and snark when the story really needed it. Dane and Bridget were great and I’ll probably go back and read their love story. But let’s talk about Lane b/c I really can’t wait to find out her story!

As with most Ajme Williams books, I enjoyed the whole bumpy ride from beginning to end.

Just A Sham is also available on KindleUnlimited!


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