Book Review! ~ Heartbreak & Cupcakes (Single Dad CEO book 1) by Shawna Renae


Alex Vaughn
The last thing I wanted was to be named San Francisco’s Most Eligible Bachelor. The title alone was misleading. I wasn’t a bachelor. I was a widower and single father. One who wasn’t available or interested.

Well… there was one person who might have piqued my interest. Cupcake Girl. But interest and intent are two very different things.

Sadie Burke
I must have Dateless and Desperate tattooed on my forehead. That was the only reason I could think of that would explain why everyone and their grandma, literally, were trying to set me up. But, alas, all that effort was to no avail. I’m on a dating hiatus. A romance sabbatical, if you will.

The only person who has even come close to tempting me to break my self-imposed celibacy is Mr. Smolder. But temptation and action are two very different things.

Author’s note: Brooding hero meets sunshine heroine in cupcake form. This single dad, love at first sight romance also stars two rescue animals, a precocious four-year-old, a cast of supporting/meddling friends and family, steamy sexiness, a few twists and turns, and a HEA that will satisfy any romance lover’s need for swoon. It’s one for the books. (Specifically, this book)

Alex and Sadie were incredibly cute together and I really enjoyed the start of this series. He’s been through a lot and keeps to himself and a very select group of people. She’s on a dating sabbatical but Mr. Smolder is so hot and sexy and makes her tongue-tied, so it’s probably a good thing they don’t know each other beyond cupcake buyer and cupcake seller.
The story starts kind of slow but it gives us a really good picture of these two characters and their lives.
What I loved most was this sense of inevitability of their coming together, like the universe was just conspiring to throw them together. Okay and maybe some well-meaning and meddling friends. Still, that connection between them is what kept me reading and it’s what made this story such a joy to read.
There is conflict in the story and it does get in the way of their love but it’s not at all contrived and that makes it hard to be mad at him. The love story as well as the friendships made this story just a really fun read.

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