Romance Book Reviews ~ The Rebel Heir by Whitley Cox & Ember Casey

Title: The Rebel Heir
Series: Winter Harbor Heroes, Book 3
Authors: Whitley Cox & Ember Leigh
Release: March 18, 2023
Genre: enemies to lovers, small town, mystery, sibling rivalry, will/inheritance clause, feuding brothers, family secrets, broken hero


The only way to save our small town is by working with the enemy … but hearts might get broken in the process.


I don’t do emotional attachments.
Those who love me get hurt.
I keep people at arm’s length and never let women in my bed long enough for the sheets to get warm.
But when the granddaughter of my family’s mortal enemy comes to me for help, something in me shifts.
Lily Summers is a sassy, snarky, filter-free blonde with a brain—and mouth—that never quits.
Besides the sexual tension between us that keeps me awake at night, we only have one thing in common: neither of us wants the big city developer coming into Winter Harbor and destroying the integrity of the town with high rises and casinos.
We’re an unlikely team, but Lily has passion and Winter Harbor likes her, so I bite my tongue at her non-stop chatter and do what’s right for the town.
I never planned on falling for someone—let alone the enemy—but when we give into our attraction, I’m suddenly doing things I never thought I would … and it’s all for her.
Together, it seems like we can take on the world—or at the very least, Dunlop Holdings. But when a shocking development rocks Winter Harbor, its accompanied by an unsavory truth about Lily.
Now the question is: who is going to get hurt the worst?
Whether it’s me, Lily, or Winter Harbor itself, only one can survive the fallout.

*** This is the third book of the Winter Harbor series which features a quirky small town, secrets galore, and three estranged brothers who find the key to healing comes from the women who steal their hearts.

I was so looking forward to Colton’s story because he was the most mysterious of the Winters brothers. There was no woman in his past, no romance to speak of it seemed and other than yoga and piercings and real estate, there wasn’t much known about his life before Winter Harbor.

Now we have more answers and I am totally here for it! Colton and Lily are a great pair even before they started steaming up the pages.

The set up of this story is so unique in a lot of ways and that’s what made it so enjoyable. At first glance Colton & Lily seem like total opposites but we get to learn a lot about them both to see they are actually both rebels in different packaging. She looks like a good girl but in her heart she is as dirty as Colton.

Put them together, two dirty birds with salty tongues and give them a purpose, to save Winter Harbor and this was an incredibly fun story that I devoured. Between being heroes and falling for each other, there was so much happening.

We got a lot of answers but there are still a few more mysteries left that I hope will be solved…soon.

Such a fun and steamy read!

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